December 17, 2009

Gtronic - Iron Man EP

This is massive, massive, massive tunes here in eP!!!
I heard "Iron man" a long time ago in Volatile's mix, and i was very impressed, and now, just for anniversary of my blog, a have such a big present from Gtronic!!!! I'm really happy! EP Includes remixes from one of my favourites - Hostage, from greattunes makers - Stereoheroes, and newcomer for my ears - Ebokai.

All tracks are worth listening! Remixes not really remixes, in my opinion they are something between remix and edit. Stereoheroes remix is more harder in bass section,
and Hostage adds some samples around the full leinght of the track, something 8bit kind samples - funny stuff!) Ebokai for me is better than others, really powerfullised bass and new synts give for the track second live....and original do not need any comments! Жииир)))

As for Destroyer, this is son of Iron Man, new more harder beat and synts, new tone of the bass... But it is really maked under Gtronic impression from "Iron man", and not bad track he made, but hope it won't be his tradition to use one bass in different tracks like Marlow for example...

Promo version without Ebokai remix

Buy it here.
Gtronic Myspace

December 05, 2009

Mandarinebeats Interview 002: Hektagon

Hektagon's tracks were the first I had listen in Dubstep, it was a track "Hektagon - Strange voices" and from his tracks and tracks of Kromestar and Cluekid i opened for myself a beautifull world of Dubstep music! And now, since one year and a half, i have an honor to ask some questions to Hektagon. That is great, i think!)

-Let's start from a simple and very popular question in Russia, How are you? What are you doing now? Tell everything, without limits.

I am doing very well thanks. Right now I am working on a few remixes and on a second album.

-Your album is released, what do you feel? How long have you been working on it? What were the difficulties? What did you worry about most of all, or maybe still worrying? Why did you call it “London”? What is the best\the worst track on this album from your point of view? Does your mother like it?

I think is great that I have managed to write a whole album I feel very proud. I have worked on the album for 6 months solid. The pre-mastering of the album was very draining I have worked 17 hours days at Vin100 studio to make it sound right. I have worried on how will the album be received by the listeners. I called it London because I wanted to reflect what this city makes me feel musically. I love every single track on the album; each one of them has a story to tell. She loves it.

-And now let’s start from the beginning of your career. I know you started to make music in Northen Spain, why did you start with Hip-Hop? And who supported you that time? Maybe any of your relatives?

I just loved Hip-hop, it was so cool back then, and I felt I was always learning and hearing fresh things. All my friends but it was just the beginning.

-How did you progress from hip-hop maker into dubstep?

Well I started to experiment more and more with hip-hop using slowed down sounds and samples which were not heard in hip-hop tunes before, and one day I accidentally heard a track by Nookie called the sound of music on tv and it blew me away. Then I started producing D&B for 6 years and met a lot of other musicians along the way, while studying sound engineering and music tech, that open my mind to other sounds. It feel very natural to produce dubstep, however I make many different styles of music I don’t like to restrict my self.

-Is your music style depends from the place where you live in?

Yes definitely.

-You have not so many your own solo releases, and now album is ready, why? Some people are waiting for years to make their own album. Don’t you think it is "green" or you do not want to waste your time, and an album for you only one step for anything bigger and greater?

Well I have had a few releases already and I have been making music for over 12 years so yeah I think I was ready, I have many other unreleased albums I have made through the years. The label though it will make more sense to have an album out instead of a collection of singles, so people can really appreciate my sound.

-What stuff do you use for your production? Have you got a special algorythm for your production? What can you advise for the begginers in dubstep production? What is the first thing they need to know in they work?

My brain and a few plugins. No I don’t have a special method I just go with the flow and try something different every time I write a song. I will say to beginners in Dubstep production listen to what is out there and what people are producing at the moment and do the complete opposite, the scene will only grow by people trying different things out, not by copying each other.

-Collaboration with what people was the most interesting for you? Whit whom do you wan to collaborate in future?

I haven’t though of that yet, I will say I would like to collaborate with people that have got a completely different approach to music making so I can learn more things.

-What is the ideal party for you? Describe it...

The ideal party for me is the one in which each tune the dj plays sounds very different and interesting. Also the best nights are the ones in which when you leave the venue you can still remember some of the tracks and think to your self that was awesome.

-Do you know something about Russia? Maybe you have heard someone from Russian music producers? Would you like to visit Russia for party or an excursion?

Yes I do but I have never been to Russia. I have heard of producers such as DJ Vadim.
Sure, I would love to visit Russia. Actually one of me and Vin100 tracks called Perpetual got released on an ORB compilation Cd called Tundra and Sunflakes which was released on Russian label called Ketama. I might be coming over to Russia to Dj around Feb-March 2010.

-If you can change something in your life, what would it be?

Hmm, that is a difficult question; I will say I would not change anything since you never know what the future might bring.

Thank you and Good luck! =_)

Hektagon Myspace
You can buy his album at Beatport.

Русская версия интервью в группе Вконтакте.

December 02, 2009

Mandarinebeats Exclusive 002: Morocha

He grew up on a mad beats of Prodigy. When he was 14 years old, he was fully in a Hardcore, growing up, he startes to flowing on a waves of Ambient and IDM. In 2007 in his life appears dj'ing and Drum'n'Bass culture, in a face of Darkside and Darkstep. Passion to Drum'n'Bass grows into love for Breakcore. At the age of 18 he calms down and open up Dubstep for himself. He loves Dubstep so much, that he started to make his own.

Morocha mix for Mandarine_Beats


01. Lung - Jejune
02. Emalkay - When I Look At You
03. Morocha - Dreadful Dancing
04. Morocha - Parilove
05. Nero - Bad Trip (Bar 9 remix)
06. Morocha - Tafalar Secrets
07. Morocha - Steps pain
08. Morocha - Hungdub


November 26, 2009

Mandarinebeats Interview 001: Kromestar

Today i have a little exclusive for you, my readers. Here is a Kromestar interview specially for my blog. Here in interview, he tells us about his impression abou his album, the begging of his career and about some more interesting things. Welcome!

-First of all, how are you and what are you doing now?

Kromestar: "I'm cool! I'm here at F-One's studio smoking and drinking tea you know how we do."

-Can you tell me who is Kromestar? And what does it mean (Kromestar)?

Kromestar: "Kromestar is a Dubstep producer - half human, half machine. I thought this was a music interview not a job interview... lol..."

-How did you start to make your own music? When?

Kromestar: "I have got a mad passion for sound from a young age, then i got hold of fruity loops and it was a wrap. It started from there really. I started making music in 97 producing Hip-Hop."

-Was it successful start or something went wrong?

Kromestar: "It is kicked off in 2004 when i making grime for "Sweetbeetz" under my Ironsoul alias."

-Now you have a great experience in music production. Which works do you consider the best and which the worst?

Kromestar: "I would not say there is the worst. I try my best in everything i do, whether i make Dubstep, Grime or Hip-Hop."

-What can you say about your collaboration with F-One, Hatcha, Cessman, Cotti, Walsh and Virus Syndicate? Was it good experience for you?

Kromestar: "It was a good experience doing a track with Virus Syndicate, because i have never had vocals on my Dubstep tracks but they hurt up the dub. F-one is my family, i work with him every week. I also produced a compilation with Hatcha called "Brothers Grimm", that was an experience still... lol... Walsh's my dawg. That collaboration was live, that's it really!"

-With whom do you want to collaborate in the future?

Kromestar: "Dj Premier, Dr Dre and Pharrell Williams."

-Under what do you working now?

Kromestar: "I am working on a few experimental beats at the moment. Getting in my own zone."

-Have you got your own algorithm for making tracks? Or it differs from time to time? What stuff do you use?

Kromestar: "Yeah it starts different all the time. I just start with a sound that is new to my ears. I use Fruity Loops or Logic 8 Pro at F-ones studio."

-Do you want to try yourself in other styles of music, like Trance or Rock for example?

Kromestar: "I would like to make Trance or Rock. That is like a whole new level and frequencies."

-Your album, what do you feel about it?

Kromestar: "I think it was a good outcome. It had different moods on it."

-What did you feel while making it?

Kromestar: "To be honest, i write that album while i was going through mad domestics with people and family in my life."

-What were you inspirited by?

Kromestar: "My family."

-Have you got some funny stories about releasing or making your album?

Kromestar: "Not really, it was a serious time."

-Is it successful for you or you want something to change?

Kromestar: "Yeah, it was a successful project, i enjoyed making it."

-Do your parents like it?

Kromestar: "I do not live with my parents, but i gave my mum a copy still and she said it was nice... Something to drive to."

-What is your favorite track? (Not from your production)

Kromestar: ""Curzed - Dangerous" - that track does it in a dance. I also like "Breakman feat. Newham Generals - Just know that" - big tune!"

-What does your usual day like? What do you listen while chilling?

Kromestar: "Chilling at my house, burning the herb or going to check F-one in the studio and getting on the grind. When I'm chilling i listen to the Game, Mobb Deep, Raekwon, Gangstarr and N.E.R.D - their sick."

-What is your hobby?

Kromestar: "Smoking Chronic."

-And what do you think about music? Is it your hobby, work, or style of life? How has your attitude to music been changing through life?

Kromestar: "I make music for a living. It's what i do for work and a living. I have learnt to appreciate a lot of different genres and styles of music. For me it's about learning."

-Do you now something about Russia and Russian Dubstep movement?

Kromestar: "I have heard Russia is live, but i ain't touched there yet still."

-Do you want to visit Russia for a party or an excursion?

Kromestar: "I would like to visit Russia, whether i play or just visit. Seems like a cool place."

You can found Kromestar at Myspace, where i will find all contact information.
And also you can buy his album at Junodownload.

Русскую версию смотрим либо на, либо в группе ВКонтакте!

November 24, 2009

Roby Howler Beats

Представляю вашему вниманию молодого человека под псевдонимом Roby Howler, имя которого уже набирает силу за границей, так как в нашей многострадальной России к новым стилям музыки интерес приходит в самый последний момент.

Будучи еще в пеленочном возрасте, Roby Howler (Настоящее имя Вадим Роменский) стал увлекаться музыкой во всех ее проявлениях. Огромную роль в становлении его собственного музыкального стиля сыграл старший брат.

Главным хобби Вадима в возрасте 13 лет было то, что он слушал еженедельные аудиочарты от PeteTong(UK), GRAD(Rus), Kolya(Rus) и Den(Rus), которые записывал на аудиокассеты и в последствии бесконечно переслушивал.

С течением времени Roby Howler стал серьезно задумываться о написании собственной музыки. Впервые он попробовал сделать это в 15 лет, когда начал экспериментировать и изучать программу Fruity Loops. Но окончательно не определившись с концепцией будущих треков, его задумки так и не были воплощены в жизнь

В начале 2009 года, после знакомства с популярным онлайн радио Великобритании BBC Radio 1, резко меняется представления о музыке и о стилях в целом. Тяжелый Woble саунд, монотонный Tech House, африканские минималистические ритмы стали основной идеей и целью для дальнейшего творчества музыканта.

В середине 2009 года, летом, Roby Howler возобновляет попытки написания музыки. В это время он освоил множество программ, но окончательно его выбор пал на Ableton Live, который стал основной платформой для его будущего творчества. 

Начало осени 2009 года было ознаменовано завершением первых двух оригинальных треков: Basemant и Darling, которые прозвучали на RadioFrequency(UK) и был подписан контракт с Английским лейблом "Nu Style Records". Так же Вадим получил поддержку от: Wongo, Tom EQ, Kyle Watson, Jeff Doebleu. Параллельно музыкант получает заказ на изготовление ремикса на американского популярного рэп продюсера Alias от лэйбла "Crux Da House". К его Российским успехам можно отнести соглашение о совместной работе с StereoNoize ( г.Тюмень ) о создании креативного видео ряда с музыкой от Roby Howler. Движущей силой музыканта является массовая популяризация новых стилей музыки в России.

Roby Howler - September Mini Mix


1. High Rankin – The tale of Clarence Baskerville
2. Rusko – Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)
3. Snoop Dogg – Pump Pump (Aniki Bootleg)
4. Roby Howler – Darling
5. Kelevra ft.Whiskey Pete – Jak Muzik
6. Hijack – RVM Bootleg
7. Acid Kidz – Mad Mahoney (Hijack remix)

Contact him:

November 23, 2009


Here is some nice stuff from Mexico guy - Crimen from Leon city. It is a poverfull collaboration of dubstep and techno on "War" track, and acid and techno in "Bass and Diamons" track!! Style of this man is not typical, i like the formation of his track and think you need to listem his music!)))

Недавно получил электронное письмо из Мексики, он забавного парня по имени Джо Орозко (Joe Orozco) под всевдонимом Crimen, музыкак которого мне очень понравилась, этакое смешение дабстепа техно и эйсид хаус музыки. Посторение треков довольно интересно, поэтому я считаю что на этого парня стоит обратить внимание!

Crimen - Bass & Diamonds
Crimen - War

Crimen Soundcloud
Crimen Myspace

November 20, 2009

This is the Fingerman

Here is some Funny stuff for you from my friend Dmitry, from Rybinsk (Russia). He started his experiments in music production and Dj'ing in 2006. At first he only love Progressive House and Electro House. And after this scene he heard gurgling sounds of Fidget, and since then he began to work in this style of music. Listened to such people as Stupid Fresh, Kyle Watson and Tom Eq has even more become interested in this style, most of his music is influenced by Croockers, and also by the town he are living in.

FingerMan - Cookies(Forthcoming on Fragmatic records at January)
FingerMan - This is the FingerMan(Forthcoming on Fragmatic records at January)
FingerMan - The Cook(Forthcoming on DangerBox at December)

As for his style, this is bouncing elecrto-house basses with collaborate with fidgety beats.... So as for me this is very funny music for alcodance))))

You can find FingerMan here:

November 16, 2009

Junglist Movenment Part 2

Takomo - Death in The Stratosphere

This ia an amizing dubstep track with jungle influence! All G:Mt fans will be enjoy it! Name of the track, in my opinion is not good, because for me feelings from track are like life in Stratosphere, but who knows, maybe this Finnish duo really were in stratosphere, and really died there in their dreams, and after this they produced such a beautiful track...!

"Death in The Stratosphere" или на русский - смерть в стратосфере. Это безумно глубокий трек. Для всех фанатов фильма "время по гринвичу", он придётся по вкусу, но лично я не согласен с названием трека, так как я вижу данную музыку отображением жизни в стратосфере, но никак не смертью. Но кто знает, может этот Финский дуэт действительно был в стратосфере, и действительно там погибал в своих великих путешествиях, и после этих приключений они и написали этот трек... Всё Может быть!

Takomo Myspace.

You can order it at Juno or download at Junodownlaod.

November 13, 2009

What time is it? 16 Bit asked!

This is a massive! Masive! Acid Ravestep track from 16bit!!!
Track is from "16BIT - Swine Flu (12")"

You can order it at Juno or at Chemical-Records

16 Bit - What Time is it?

16 Bit Myspace

November 11, 2009 Exclusive 001: Mensah

Visit Bristol and mention the name Mensah, the chances are that someones going to know the man we’re talking about. Having become involved in the Bristol music scene at an early age, there’s no surprise that he epitomizes the great things associated with the city’s music – positive, progressive and different.

Growing up listening to his Mum’s dub and reggae collection, his first taste of UK underground music was when he started going to the under-18 nights called Jungle Book at the tender age of 11, he witnessed the late and great Steve ‘Hyper’ D MCing for Nicky Blackmarket but it was the garage scene that really kindled Mensah’s first love of electronic music when he heard stalwarts such as Wookie and the Heartless Crew's DJ Fonti at the age of 13.

DJing at various nights in Bristol, and getting tired of spinning other people’s tunes, the natural progression for Mensah was to start creating the music that he had such a passion for. Starting a production course at a local Music College, he was taught by none other than Danny Byrd and was classmates with other Bristol producers, Chasing Shadows, Gemmy, Forsaken and Superisk.

Subsequently he landing a job in a Bristol music specialist store and in time he was able to build a studio. Having the likes of Roni Size, Portishead and Massive Attack passing by the shop only fuelled the desire to up his game in the production suite. This all paid off when his collaboration with dnb producer, Mutt, featured on Mutt’s album ‘Treading Water’ IN 2008, followed up with Mensah’s first solo release, ‘Sahara / Not A Shy Gyal‘, on Lo Dubs in 2009.

With aspirations of never wanting to make the same tune twice or wanting to be typecast into one genre, Mensah looks set to push whatever sound he decides to take forward. Sometimes dubstep, sometimes purple, sometimes rave – the idea is to evolve his sound naturally. And with tunes forthcoming on reputable label, Hench, he is definitely a name to earmark to achieve big things in the future…

Mensah's 45 minute mix exclusive mix


01. J@kes - RHYTHM (Mensah special)
02. Mensah - Sahara
03. Mensah - Dipstep
04. Mensah & Dread MC - Skyunken
05. Mensah - Pulse 80'S
06. Mensah - Warrior
07. Mensah & Eddie K - Steady as she goes
08. Mensah - Rock city
09. Mensah - Real talk
10. Mensah - Pop da crunk
11. Mensah & Eddie K - Gods of Mars
12. Mensah - Insane murder
13. Mensah - Untilted
14. Mensah - Shy Gial
15. Mensah - Untilted riddim track
16. Mensah - Untilted future funk
17. Mensah - Hollywood lovers
18. Mensah - Into the darkness
19. Mensah - Stapleton road
20. Mensah - Computer loving
21. Mensah - Acid dub
22. Joker - Psychedelik runaway (Mensah remix)
23. Mensah & DJ Die - Transco

-Mensah space
-Mensah twitter

-Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van (Mensah remix)
-Mensah - Insane Murder

Mensah is one of Bristol best kept secrets with forthcoming release's comming on H.E.N.C.H (J@KES' label). The following tracks are to be released on H.E.N.C.H late 2009 and early 2010. Also Noah D is doing a rmx of 'Shy Gyal' at the moment!!

'Rock City' (big leads, steppers style drums and guitar's which were played by GINZ)
'Acid Dub' (a rave throwback with a 140bpm twist)
'Pulse 80's' (a homage to Musical Mob's - Pulse X)
'Untitled Future Funk' (a futuristic piece of purple wonk!!)
'Stapleton Road' (a gritty and quite frankly "gully" tune)

He is also working on a 12" with Eddie K ('Steady As She Goes' and 'God Of Mars') possibly for release on H.E.N.C.H and has a 12" coming on M4 records a label that has seen the like of Gemmy, Wedge and Gatekeeper. the tracks are called
'Into The Darkness' and 'Warrior'. All can be heard on the mix that he has provided.

If you are intrested in his works you can buy his "Sahara / Not A Shy Gyal" 12" at Chemical-records.

Русскую версию смотрим на!!!

November 07, 2009

The Proxy Interview for Bunch.TV (Русские субтитры)

An exclusive Russian subtitles of interview of shoe banger - The Proxy on Mandarine_Beats!!

Эксклюзивная версия интервью с русскими субтитрами с российским продюсером - The Proxy только на Mandarine_Beats!!


The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die (Proxy Remix)!!!

And here is a newcomer on electronic music scene Russian fellow - The Mould.

November 06, 2009

14.11.09 BAOBINGA (UK) @ KIEVBASS - Ukrainian debut!

Всем привет! 
спешу поделиться хорошей новостью:

гостем очередной KIEVBASS night станет один из наиболее интересных и разносторонних музыкантов, оперирующих в области танцевальной музыки в нынешнее время... от breakbeats и dubstep к fidget и ghetto-tech.

Hello All, i have a good news for you! Next guest on Kievbass night party at Kiev will Baobinga! One of the most interesting and manifold artist, working in dance music at nowadays from Break Beat and Dubstep to Fidget and Ghetto-tech.

BAOBINGA [UK, Bristol]
[Trouble & Bass, Passenger, Soul Jazz, Cyberfunk, Hardcore Beats]

Ukrainian debut @ KIEVBASS night

supported by


One of the latest Baobinga mixes:
Baobinga & Co. – Strickly Dubs Selection May 09


1. The Body Snatchers – Banana Riddim w/ Lil Flip ’Game Over’
2. The Body Snatchers – Gun Runna Riddim w/ Lil Flip ‘Game Over’ & Sirplus ‘Dress Back’
3. Baobinga & Killa Benz – Wine Up
4. Baobinga & Heavy Feet – Some Mo
5. Baobinga & Rubi Dan – Raggipahop
6. Baobinga – Ride It
7. Baobinga & Spyda – Criss Like HD
8. Ursula 1000 – iCome (Baobinga & I.D. RMX)
9. Gella ft Spyda – Twinkle (Baobinga & I.D. RMX)
10. Baobinga & I.D. – Jump Up Get Hype (DJ Manaia’s VIP ‘Knuck If You Buck’ Mash Up)
11. Baobinga – Make It Drop
12. Baobinga & I.D.
13. Skinnz – Ukraine
14. I.D. & Skinnz – The Blues
15. Baobinga & I.D. – Tongue Riddim
16. I.D. – Handbagger (Baobinga RMX)
17. Baobinga & I.D. – The King
18. The Body Snatchers ft Frilla

full info at Lookatme.

Kievbass official website,
Kievbass myspace.

November 04, 2009

The Damn Bell Doors

The Damn Bell Doors - Молодой подающий надежды Fidget House проект из России, который уже ведёт переговоры с лэйблами на издание их треков, так же им требуется молодой человек или девушка, которые хорошо читают рэп да еще и на английском.

The Damn Bell Doors - youngfidget house project which is already talking with labels about releasing their tracks. Also they needed MC for their further projects, feel free to connect with them.

The Damn Bell Doors - Pitch the Bitch [mixed by GAMBEAT]

01. Dj Fixx - Shake It Naughty (Electric Soulside Remix)
02. Young Nutz Feat. MC Freeflow - Getting Hyped (Royal K Remix)
03. CLASSIXX, Villains - I'm On It feat. o8o (AC Slater Remix)
04. JC EDIT - Punks (Kraymer vs WonK remix)
05. Alice And The Serial Numbers - Zombie Barbie (Aniki's Dawn Of The Bass Remix)
06. Mar and Dany Lawer Summer Girll
07. Fake Blood - Mars (Jack Beats Remix)
08. Indo - R U Sleeping (Lee Mortimer Remix)
09. MyNC Project - Something On Your Mind (Switch Remix - Tom EQ Edit)
10. Kid Komas - Girlz What (Prowley Burglars Remix)
11. DOPEFISH - Must Be The Music (4x4 vocal mix)
12. Cicada - One Beat Away (Kelevra Remix)
13. Crookers Ft Izza Kizza - What Up Y'all
14. B Rich - Make Me Dance (TLGB Remix)
15. Aniki, Bling Fingah - Cut The Mix (Hot Mouth & TJR Remix)
16. Zodiac Cartel - Beyond The Dancefloor (Bill Eff Remix)
17. Mat Cant, Scattermish - Hornbo (Sticky K Remix)
18. Mini K - Jack Off Jill
19. The Funk Out - Big Dick (Bill Eff's Big Bass Remix)
20. Black Noise - Jackin My Fresh Feat. Lex One (Original Mix)

Микс от The Damn Bell Doors получился лёгким и не навясчивым, местами однообразным, но явно не надоедающим во время прослушивания, но вот на второй или третий раз думаю уже тяжеловато будет... В качестве бонуса даю вам их трек хоть и не в лучшем качестве (Всё из-за тех же переговоров с лэйблами), но показывающий их стиль работы, который на мой взгляд не так уж и плох.

Mix from The Damn Bell Doors is light and not boring, sometimes monotony, but really not tiresome at the time of listening. But at the second or third time of listening it can be boring... As a bonus i am giving you their track, not in best quality, but it is enough to check their not bad style =_).

-The Damn Bell Doors - Gay Marriage (128 kbps)

You can find them here:

November 01, 2009

Congorock and Crookers - Sbombers

Всегда очень радует когда известные артисты отдают на фриширу какой либо трек, а в нашем случае это непревзойденныйе Crookers и молодой австралийский продюссер Congorock.

Congorock & Crookers - Sbombers  by  Congorock

Трек получился на редкость трещащще\писчащим с baltomore уклоном и такой кислой мелодией посередине. Юхху!!! Фотография совершенно подходит для этого трека! Кстати сделана она моим другом Piece of Coal.

Congorock and Crookers - Sbombers
Crookers space
Congorock space

October 29, 2009

Foot Willage

FOOT VILLAGE are a thunderous drum-n-shout assembly from Los Angeles - a thick forest of whirling limbs beating out rhythms for whispers and hollers to leap and dive through. Featuring members of Gang Wizard, Friends Forever and the infamous International Voice of Reason, Foot Village are pure hardcore spirit without the spark of electricity.
Erecting civilisation with drums and voices alone, Foot Village are the first nation built after the foreseeable apocalypse. Don't get this self-imposed restraint confused with some neo-luddite stance however, as Foot Village only want to inspire others with the wide potential of rock music. Anything becomes possible if you have an idea to run with.

Извините, но переводить больно лень... Могу только лишь описать ощущения от прослушивания музыки данного коллектива... А испытал я, да чего только не испытал, была истерика!!)) Ребята очень очень мощно, хоть и зачастую и однообразно. После недолго прослушивания хочеться прыгать и беситься... А после долгого уже болит голова. Музыка определённо не для прослушивания в наушниках.

Foot Village myspace
Foot Village official website
Buy all their music on Foot Village Web Store.

Foot Village - T.A.K.E.
Foot Village - Reggae War Zone
Foot Village's Intelligence Report Summer 2009(Mixtape)
Foot Village - Friendship Nation (Tome Records, 2008)(Album)
Foot Village - Anti-Magic


October 27, 2009

The Proxy Live at I Love Techno 2009 + New remix work

The Proxy live at i love techno 2009


01 Proxy - Cooper
02 Autodidakt - Shit Your Rack (Proxy Remix)
03 Proxy - Indian Film
04 Proxy - Ready to Watching
05 Proxy - Сypher
06 Moby - I Love to Move In Here (Proxy remix)
07 Zombie Nation - Worth it (Proxy Remix)
08 Tiga - What you Need (Proxy remix)
09 Digitalism - Home Zone (Proxy Remix)
10 Proxy - Raven
11 Proxy - vibrate
12 Proxy - status
13 Proxy - Who are you
14 Proxy - Who Are You (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
15 Proxy - abyss
16 Proxy - Decoy
17 Proxy - Dance In Dark


Peaches - I Feel Cream (Proxy Remix)

Proxy myspace

October 26, 2009

New Polymorphic - Rock On EP (Updated)

As the days get darker so shall the music, so on that note we welcome back the fold Moscow's own Polymorphic with the ever turbulent 'Rock On EP'. This time out Polymorphic delivers the goods with 3 new tracks, 'Rock On', 'Scream' & 'Move Faster'. The EP also features a remix of the title track by Marseille who also had a hand it turning out Proxy's Raven last year. This EP is not for the feight at heart. Both mixes of Rock On tear things up with a decidely old school electro undercurrent while keeping things noisy and agressive on the top end. And there's only one thing we can really say about the last two tracks because they are that scary...'Scream' WILL make you 'Move Faster'.

Out Now on Beatport!!!

01. Rock on
02. Scream
03. Move faster
04. Rock on (Marseille remix)

Polymorphic space
Marseille space
Coco Machete original review

Underthis new Hits!

My Friends from Latvia, Presents two new tunes!!!!

"I got what you need" is not fresh track, it is date back to 2007... But i like it very much.

But this remix is freshy fresh!!! And so wonderfull!!


October 24, 2009

A Clockwork Mandarine mix

Hello world!! Here is my mix. Full of big tunes, to show you that here is not pop music blog...hehe.. Enjoy!

A Clockwork Mandarine mix (320)(190)

01. Lr - Shizzle Nizzle
02. The Faint - Mirror Error (Das glow remix)
03. Mika - Rain (Drum of Death Remix)
04. Foamo - Wardance (Hostage Remix)
05. Dave Nada - Apocalypse Theme
06. Straaatch - Kiss Kiss (Edu K's Detroit Rock City Remix)
07. Brodinski & Mumdance - Eurostarr (Nic Sarno Remake)
08. The Body Snatchers - Club Beat Internationale
09. Electro Ferris - Fight Club (Autodidakt remix)
10. The Micronauts - High Rise (Das Glow Remix)
11. Tee Ski & Shab Ruffcut - Raw (Dirty Mix)
12. Oh Shit! - Tha Illest ft. Messinian (Dunno's Going Down Remix)
13. Polymorphic - Gaze
14. Autodidakt - Ghetto Nonsense (Udachi remix)
15. Volatile - Live & Learn
16. Milkmoneymafia - The Peanut Butter Song (Boemklatsch remix)
17. Fake Blood - Mars (Style of Eye's Tool For School Remix)
18. Fake Blood - MArs (GTRONIC remix)
19. The Proxy - Raven (Evol Intent Ravenstep VIP)

October 23, 2009

Proxy Dubstep remixes

Сегодня делюсь с вами двумя совершенно замечательными дабстеп ремиксами на нашего земляка The Proxy (Женя Пожарнов). Оба ремикса достаточно мощны, так же как и оригинальный стиль Жени.

Первый ремикс от Bare Noise, Отличается неистовским битом и разрезанным оригинальным бассом из трека, поставленный так как нужно для дабстеп музыки. По сути изменена лишь бочка и скорость, а так же добавленный "кричащий" голосовой сэмпл в конце)
The Proxy - Dancing In The Dark (OlliE! & Bare Noize Remix)

Второй ремикс от Evol Intent интересен тем что звучит более медленне чем оригинал и тем самым протаскивает слушателя по всей своей длинне. Так же сохранён оригинальный басс и пара срезок с трека. Изменена координально лиш бочка. Из добавок можно принять во внимание голосовой сэмпл "Hey!", а так же более глубокий басс позади основного.
The Proxy - Raven (Evol Intent Ravenstep VIP)

The Proxy Myspace
Evolintent Myspace
Bare Noise Myspace

October 21, 2009


TrillBass это даже не один человек и не дуэт, это что ни на есть настоящий квартет, единственной целью которого является создание и раздача в массы тяжелого, мощного, сдавливающего грудную клетку БАСС! Имея разные места рождения в США все четыре артиста испытывали на себе различное влияние со стороны музыкальных стилей, начиная Punk, Metal, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass и заканчивая Electro а так же всего того что находится на грани стилей. И так встречайте! Swytch, 2Sense, Claw и DJ Lord.

Все четыре участника преуспели во всевозможных музыкальных ипостасиях, начиная от Nго количества DJ соревнований, путешествий по миру и создавия музыкы с пионерами Хип хап'а "Public Enemy", выпуском в свет записей на виниле и cd в различных жанрах музыки, до опыта работы в студиях, что гарантирует выход людей на танцполы во время их выступления. Все эти компоненты составляют веретено успеха группы, что вызывает уважение и понимание у корефеев электронной музыки, а так же обычных слушателей.

Выступление Trill Bass это шоу, которое вы никогда раньше не видели: скретчи, проффесиональный миксинг, и неповторимая атмосфера которой не будет ни на одном обыкновенном DJ сэте. Поднимите ваши руки, и наслаждайтесь ШОУ! Пришло время TRillBAss.

King - Dont Taze Me Bro (Trillbass VIP)
Trill Bass - Boo and Yarr
Thrill Bass - Huey Lewis

Buy their tracks at:

Trill Bass website
Trill Bass cloud
Trill Bass space

English version of Bio

October 19, 2009


Volatile was formed only two years ago through a trans-alpine connection of two young yet versatile producers, NubiS from Slovenia and Feral from Switzerland. They started this project in order to combine different aspects from different genres to make something new, something different, something exciting... The pair shared a passion for 90’s big beat, drum'n'bass and the new wave of electro, which gave birth to a perilous monster: the sound so powerful and chaotic that it should be measured with the Richter magnitude scale. NubiS's tribute for Viotale music producing is modern electro part and from Feral drum'n'bass and dubstep influences. The youngsters’ flair for destruction was noticed swiftly – The Proxy picked up their very first single and tracklisted it in his mix for Kissy Sell Out’s BBC Radio 1 show, while Hostage started spreading their name through his live sets and by praising them on the musical blogosphere. Their first official release – Faces Of War EP – has seen the light of day through an independent digital label Studio Internova shortly after. While the conscientious twosome continued to produce track after track, their take on Röyksopp’s Tricky Tricky landed nearly at the top of the popularity chart on several occasions. With a potent fascination of music and heaps of exciting unreleased materials, Volatile is destined to explode. Get to know them, before your friends do. To the point, in near future they are planning on releasing some tracks in the near future! One of them is "Retaliation", but the other two are still in secret...

So this is Volatile! Great musicians!
Enjoy their music! And support them by buying their music on Trackitdown and Junodownload.

Volatile - Nothing is getting us anywhere mix (Promo final)


01. Volatile - Epsylone
02. Absolute Zero & Subphonics - Code (Volatile remix)
03. Volatile - Faces of War
04. Volatile - Caves of Zion
05. GTRONIC - Iron Man
06. Zombie Nation - Shottieville (Proxy remix)
07. Volatile - Live & Learn
08. Computer Club & Le Castle Vania - Messiah
09. Proxy - Raven
10. Mix Hell & Huoratron - Highly Explicit (Nightrider's Rokerman Edit)
11. Volatile - Retaliation
12. Volatile - From Beyond
13. Guns'n'Bombs - Riddle of Steel
14. Noisia - Raar
15. VNNR - Sueme
16. Volatile - Ignition

Volatile создали всего лишь два года назад. Транс-Альпийский союз (Как они сами себя называют) двух еще не совсем опытных, но безусловно подающих надежду продюссера: NubiS из Словении и Feral из Щвейцарии (Настоящих имён они к сажолению не называют). Ребята запустили свой проект с целью соединения разных аспектов электронной музыки, для того чтобы создать что-то новое, что-то захватывающее, что-то необычное... Они питали страсть к Big Beat'у 90х, Drum & Bass'у, а так же новой волне Electro, что в итоге породило опасного монстра: чья музыка настолько мощная и хаотичная, что она может быть измерена лишь по шкале Рихтера. Вкладом Нубиса в музыку Волатайл является Электро её составляющая, а от идей Ферала, Волатайл получает Дабстеп и Драмндбэйс составляющую... Их тяга к разрушения была замчена быстро - наш легендарный земляк Женя Пожарнов так же известный под псевдонимом The Proxy вкллючил их трек "Faces of War" в треклист своего гостевого микса на Kissy Sell Out’s BBC Radio 1 show, в это время Англичанин Hostage начал распростарнять имя "Volatile" в своих лайв сэтах и в блогах по всему миру. Их первый официальный релиз - "Faces of War EP" - увидел свет на независимом цифровом лэйбле "Studio Internova" немного времени спустя. В то время когда они добросовестно трудились и трудятся над своими треками, их ремикс на трек "Röyksopp - Tricky Tricky" находился в верхушках чартов крупнейшего ресурса по поиску музыки в блогах - "The Hype Machine". Ну и в завершении могу сказать, что огромный потенциал дуэта, а так же большое количество неизданного материала обязаны дать о себе знать, и вскоре Volatile будет широко известен по всему миру, а пока "Узнайте о них первее, чем это сделают ваши друзья!" (Цитата Volatile). Кстати в будущем времени они планируют подписать несколько новых треков, один из них "Retaliation", но названия еще двух они держат в секрете.... А так же они ведут переговоры с Австралийским лэйблом "Trashbag Kids".

- Royksopp - Tricky Tricky (Volatile Tidy Tidy Remix)
-Absolute Zero and Subphonics - The Code (Volatile Remix)
- Michael Jackson vs. Boys Noize - Eat it (NubiS re-edit)

Volitile Myspace
Volatile Sound Cloud


Gatekeeper should have hailed from Haddonfield, Illinois, all cramped muscles, tension and the paranoia of a nebulous hallucination forever dancing in the periphery of your vision, their icy synthetic progressions unfurl in front of us like black pillars of smoke rising in the desolate streets of an empty suburban landscape from which everyone disappeared one spring night, TV still on, dinner cooling on the kitchen table, swings in a garden creaking ever so slightly - we still wonder what happened.

Or a silver blade held by a velvet fist cast in iron essaying a message of pain in the vertebrae of your spine, but not quite willing to deliver it yet, it’s all dark, the way we like it.

As it is they come from Chicago, which suits us fine and makes sense inasmuch their music has something of the Warehouse, just listen to ‘Mirrors’, which comes across like some sort of nightmarish scenario where Nitzer Ebb jacked Philip Glass’ studio during the recording of the Candyman soundtrack to inflict upon us one of the most gloriously macabre pieces of synthetic horror music we have had the pleasure to enjoy for a while, we can imagine such tableaux of carnage to these sounds!

Do not miss Gatekeepers "Optimus prime" single wich will be available at October 26
on FRIGHT records.

"Chicago's finest purveyors of goulish EBM electro carnage. Their music embodies all that we like about 1980's cinematic can of xourse see the long shadow of one true master John Carpenter projected over the icy electroid landscapes and obsessive synth melodies painted on damp concrete with sounds made of black leather, cursed silver and blood-splattered celluloid" - 20JAZZFUNKGREATS

Gatekeeper space,
some information about Gatekeeper taken from 20jazzfunkgreats blog.

Digital preorder and Vinyl order at Juno.

-Gatekeeper - Optimus Maximus(128 preview)
-Gatekeeper - Final Approach
-Gatekeeper - Mirrors
-Gatekeeper - Hades
-Appleblim and Gatekeeper - Tomb (Gatekeeper vip)

October 16, 2009


Good day my readers and friends!!!

From this moment my blog available at

Be sure you edit your rss feeds.

And sorry for such a bad desing... i need some days for fixing all...

Thank you for your patience!

October 15, 2009


Very very good compiled and mixed disco mixtape had been send for me from Argentina, i enjoyed it very much and recommend you to listen it! Big thanks for Juan Manuel Piatti! More of his works and biography you can find on his Sound cloud and MySpace.


01. Junkie XL - Cosmic Rave
02. LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations (Lindstrom Remix)
03. Moulinex & Xinobi - D.I.S.C.O Texas Theme (Esto! Remix)
04. Classixx - I'll Get You (Feat Jeppe)
05. Scratch Massive - Spirit Catcher Remix (Baba Black Edit)
06. Retro Grade - Moda
07. Mousse T Suzie - All Nite Long (Dimitri From Paris Dub Ledisco Mix)
08. Hugg and Pepp - Sweet Rosie (Disco dub)
09. Cassius - Youth Speed Trouble Cigarettes (Don Diablo Remix)
10. Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Dada Life Guerilla Remix)
11. Fuckk Offf - More Than Friends (Markus Lange Stereofunk Remix)
12. Linus Loves - European Vacation (Linus Loves Roadtrip Mix)
13. MSTRKRFT Feat. John Legend - Heartbreaker (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
14. Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor (LA Riots vs Villains Remix)
15. The Gossip - Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix)
16. DJ Alex Kidd - I Feel It (Dirty Mix)
17. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel (Avh Dlub Mix)
18. Mason - Exceeder (Original Mix)
19. Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend (Fake Blood Remix)
20. Don Rimini - Hools (Mashed Paper Klub Feat. Floating Remix)
21. The Disco Villains - We Just Came to Get the Party Started (Night Drugs Remix)
22. Acid Girls - The Numbers Song
23. Alter Ego - Rocker (Dub) 192k
24. Proxy - Raven (Flashy Rock Remix)
25. Steve Aoki Feat. Zuper Blahq - I'm In The House (Gigi Barocco Remix)

October 13, 2009

BreakZhead feat. DANDYskills - Religion

Another great work from Belorussian guys Zmitek & Danila with collaboration with
Russian fellow Vyacheslav Kogan from far Vladivostok. Zmityas vocals here reminds me H.P. Baxxter from Scooter. Dubstep beats, flowing bass. Dynamic feels around the hole track, it is really dance breaks track. But maybe if there would be electric guitar.... so can give only 4 from 5 to this track.

BreakZhead feat. DANDYskills - Religion (Teaser)

Buy track at Beatport and another of their works you can check here.

October 12, 2009


Yesterday in a second time i found for myself one of the greatest dubsteppers in the universe - SELFSIMILAR! I think in tandem with Trillbass they can move mountains or make planet bouncing on the orbit. But only i know about it that Selfsimilar hails from rainy Seattle WA and spends a lot of time pushing buttons at late hours. Currently living in Southern California getting red from all the sun. That's all...

Вчера я во второй раз открыл для себя одного из лучших Дабстепперов галактики и это американец Selfsimilar! Я думаю в тандеме с Trillbass они бы могли свернуть горы или заставить нашу планету подпрыгивать на своей орбите. Но единственное что я знаю про него что он родом из дождливого города Сиетла и прововодит много времени стуча по клавишам в недетское время))) А сейчас живет в Южной Калифорнии где загорает целыми днями...помоему так...)

Selfsimilar space

Selfsimilar - Soundcheck (Rip)
Selfsimilar - Fallen Sun Rising
Selfsimilar - Centipede
Selfsimilar - 9mm
Press & Selfsimilar - Be it
Selfsimilar - 1st Degree (vip)

You can buy his tracks here

Dj Sega

Dj Sega is one of my favorites from Mad Decent label... He creates amazing club Hip-Hop and Break Beat tracks and remixes. One of them is remix on "Rob THREEZY - You Bad"... This is amazing, bouncing track, that do not let you to stop over the full length.
There is no a secret, that such kind of tracks is making from loops and samples without generators and drum machines.... But this is another branch of music production and, i think, it is very popular among clubbers and producers. So check it, and say what do you think about it, and of course do not forget to buy a track here if you'll like it, of course, but if not, delete it..)))

Rob THREEZY - You Bad (DJ Sega remix)

Dj Sega space

And this is another remix from Dj Sega!!! Funny and crazy remix on a song from "Family Guy".

October 11, 2009


Как всегда, Рома радует меня своими Atmospheric breaks и Progressive breaks миксами, которые становятся моими спутниками на долгие месяцы. На этот раз я представлю вам его live сэт с Каzантипа, на котором Рома уже трижды побывал как резидент Pro Tech Sound System - ведущей Breaks Promo группы города Ярославля и Ярославской области.

Like always, Roma glad me with his Atmospheric breaks and Progressive breaks mixes,
whis i listen for months. Today i would like to present you, his Live Set from Kazantip, on which Roma been three times as a resident Pro Tech Sound System - leading Breaks Promo group of Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl oblast.

Download mix here

01. Constantine - Monk Rotation (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)
02. Romanthronics - East Point (Neztic Indie-O's Remix)
03. Hifi By Design - Don't Stop feat. Livingston
04. Clesk - AK47 (Aeron Aether Remix)
05. B.O.N.G. - Small Things (Aeron Aether Breaks Remix)
06. Seth VOGT feat GOLDILLOX - On Your Own (Seth Vogt's Indie Breaks Remix)
07. Cosmonaut & Satellites - Sunrise (Fonarev&Melodica Remix)
08. LP - Clique feat. Ashley Lawson (Stefan Anion's Icegrill Mix)
09. Hedflux, Tom Wilkes - Basscake (Matthew Mccurry & Stephen Cole Remix)
10. Stanton Warriors - Precinct (Plumps Mix)
11. Freefall Collective - 100% People
12. Nick Thayer - Mind Control
13. Drumattic Twins - Drum Thunder
14. Stereo Type, Screwface, Ctrl Z - Bangers & Mash (Instrumental Mix)
15. Freeflow45 - Rock Chemistry

More info about Roma on Mandarine_Beats is here, and also visit

-Roma Khanov space
-Roma Khanov Promodj page
-Roma VKontakte

Baby Monster

 Отличнейшее творение от Американского дуэта из штата Орегон "Baby Monster". Нойзовый басс в сочетании с великолепным и проникновенным вокалом не делают этот трек уникальным,  но добавив свою изюминку группа смогла сделать свой трек похожим на что-то между Sigur Ros и Big Pink. Релиз будет выпущен на лэбле "50 Bones", своеобразной "фабрике хитов", домашнем лэйбле для "Little Boots" и "The Virgins".

Baby Monster - Ultra Violence and Beethoven(128klb)

Baby Monster space
Pre order here

October 08, 2009

DJ Deekline - Giant Pussy Records mix (September 2009)

Брекбит настроение конца 80х, начала 90х + новые веяния хаус музыки великолепно сочетаются в этом миксе. Слушая этот микс вы словно попадаете на на танцпол где-нибуть в Лондоне, когда вокруг много людей истинно влюблённый в музыку и смотрящих за скретчем DJ и работы МС, а по середине танцпола хаусеры танцуют брейк данс. Вот такой коктейль от владельца лейбла Giant Pussy англичанина Ника Эннанда (Nick Annand)
aka Dj Deekline, одного из самых влиятельных деятелей современной Break Beat сцены.


01. 321 vs. Tim Healey & Deekline feat. Bounty Killer - Bring It Back
02. Will Bailey - Hit The Club
03. ATFC - Bad Habit (Stanton Warriors Vocal Mix)
04. Fast Eddie and DeeklineWe - Got the funk (Ed solo edit)
05. Eygpt - In The Morning (Let Your Love Come In)(Deekline & Ed Solo BreaksEdit)
06. Lee Mortimer & Foamo - Its Going Down
07. MJ Cole feat. Serocee - Wind-Up (Zed Bias Mix)
08. The Freestylers - Policeman Skank
09. Beach Boys vs Lolita Holloway - Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix)
10. Deekline & Tim Healey Remix - I Don’t Smoke(Krafty Kuts Breakbeat Edit)
11. Deekline & Wizard feat. DJ Assault - Give Me A Piece Of That Booty
12. Deekline & Ed Solo - Street Sounnds
13. Deekline & Dustin Hulton vs. Sporty-O - Apple Bottom Booty
14. Slyde - Block Parties

Download mix here

October 02, 2009


pimp myspace

This young duo from Sosnovoborsk (Russia, Krasnoyarsk region) starts their history from winter of 2009.
Two guys, two friends, celebrating the new 2009 year, decide to cooperate with each other and make dj duo called Electrolighters. Together they start to produce Fidget-house, Jacking-house, Wonky-House. Their first work was a remix on Foamos "Moving it over here". Foamo agreed their work. After this they start to produce tracks in different styles, every new work differs from preceding track, at the same time they change nickname to Holyboyz.

They are supported by: The Proxy, Wongo, Jeff Doubleu, FuckJack, Foamo, Itchyfeet.

HolyBoyz Essential mix

1. Empire of the sun - Walking of the Dream (Holyboyz remix)
2. Coldplay - Clocks (Holyboyz remix)
3. Holyboyz - Holy Brothers
4. Itchyfeet - Quit while your ahead (Holyboyz remix)
5. Holyboyz - Teador
6. Holyboyz - 716
7. Holyboyz - Simpsons Smile
8. Foamo - Movin it overhere (Holyboyz aka Electrolighters wobble right now mix)
9. Holyboyz - Glycerin
10. Holyboyz - Jack Planet
11. Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Miltinho - Kid Conga (Holyboyz remix)
12. Holyboyz - Sweet Shop
13. Holyboyz - China Town
14. Holyboyz - Sick Attack
15. Holyboyz - Forest

HolyBoys Space
HolyBoys Cloud
HolyBoys PromoDj page

Contact with them:
-For booking
-For remix work

Foamo - Movin it over here (Holyboyz aka Electrolighters wobble right now mix)
Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Miltinho - Kid Conga (Holyboyz remix)
Empire of the sun - Walking of the Dream (Holyboyz remix)
Itchyfeet - Quit while your ahead (Holyboyz remix)
Coldplay - Clocks (Holyboyz remix)

September 30, 2009

Major Lazer ft. VYBZ Kartel - Pon De Floor (Trillbass Remix)

From the corner to the block, the members of Trill Bass have been putting it down for years. This hard hitting group has one shared life mission: to produce and deliver hard hitting, head banging, chest romping BASS to the masses. Regionally spanning across the U.S and influences spanning from Punk , Metal, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass to Electro and everything in between, Swytch, 2Sense, Claw and DJ Lord have the influence and know-how to drop the big bass and make you shake.

The 4 man team excels in all areas of musical expertise, from numerous DJ Battle wins, touring and making music worldwide with hip hop pioneers Public Enemy, releasing records and cd’s out in multiple genres, seamless mixing and crowd control, to studio skills that are guaranteed to bring people out onto dancefloors. The common thread between the group is a respect and understanding of music origins and desire and know how to shape where it will go next.

A Trill Bass show is like nothing you have ever seen, hype scratching, sick mixing, and an added flair that you don't get with just any “Club DJ” set. Mixing and matching all genres of music to create the perfect setting for a party. Put your cups up and enjoy the show.. Its Time for Trill Bass.

And this four guys are taking part in remix competition on Majorlazers "Pon De Floor",
You can vote for this big tune here, and i hope, they'll win!!!

Major Lazer ft. VYBZ Kartel - Pon De Floor (Trillbass Remix)

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Chromeo - Dj Kicks

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Chromeo is P-Thugg and Dave 1: best friends since their adolescence, virtuoso musicians, walking hip hop encyclopedias, and the only successful Arab/Jew partnership since the dawn of human culture. After spending the three years since the release of their debut album, She’s In Control, jet setting, globetrotting, and embarking on an overall sensual conquest of planet Earth, Chromeo headed back to their Montreal lab to put together album number deux.

The result, Fancy Footwork, is quite simply the most smoothed-out, hook-heavy, unabashed lovers’ funk since…Chromeo’s last album, actually. What makes this footwork so fancy, you ask? Step the fuck off and open your heart to the finest distillation of Minneapolis groove this side of Mazarati. Dave and Pee are back in the ‘07 to heal the fractured soul of dance music. Teenage lovers, 20 something blogpoders, 30 something burn-out ex-raver “graphic designers” and 40 something sistas can all finally party under one roof...and that roof has a name, AND that roof is on fire, and the only ones who can put out that funk-fire also happen to be the guys the roof is named after: CHROMEO.

Chromeo is slick. Chromeo is dripping with reverb. Chromeo is Moog riffs, luxurious harmonies, macho guitar solos and real-deal songcraft. From the dancefloor-ready singles “Fancy Footwork” and “Tenderoni,” to the autobiographical Jew-boy ballad “Momma's Boy,” to the epic sax-laden album closer “100%,” Fancy Footwork rolls you through a sleek, melodic world where all you need to worry about is whether you’ve got your sunglasses on and the right moves to keep up. Remember the debate when Chromeo first came on the scene? The endless back and forth about whether those boys were joking or not? Well, Fancy Footwork will put any vestigial haters to sleep forever. There ain’t nothing “ironical” about this music. It’s Hall & Oates riding on 22’s, busting shots in the air with Quincy Jones driving. That shit ain’t funny.

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So there you have it: Chromeo, the band reborn...the sex, the beats, the dream, the suits, the gloves, the laughs, the tears, the past and the future. All rolled up into one big blunt, smoked up through Pee’s talkbox tube and exhaled into your brain. Enjoy.

And here's the intetview with Chromeo... Here you'll hear all you need about their compilation and themselfs.