November 11, 2009 Exclusive 001: Mensah

Visit Bristol and mention the name Mensah, the chances are that someones going to know the man we’re talking about. Having become involved in the Bristol music scene at an early age, there’s no surprise that he epitomizes the great things associated with the city’s music – positive, progressive and different.

Growing up listening to his Mum’s dub and reggae collection, his first taste of UK underground music was when he started going to the under-18 nights called Jungle Book at the tender age of 11, he witnessed the late and great Steve ‘Hyper’ D MCing for Nicky Blackmarket but it was the garage scene that really kindled Mensah’s first love of electronic music when he heard stalwarts such as Wookie and the Heartless Crew's DJ Fonti at the age of 13.

DJing at various nights in Bristol, and getting tired of spinning other people’s tunes, the natural progression for Mensah was to start creating the music that he had such a passion for. Starting a production course at a local Music College, he was taught by none other than Danny Byrd and was classmates with other Bristol producers, Chasing Shadows, Gemmy, Forsaken and Superisk.

Subsequently he landing a job in a Bristol music specialist store and in time he was able to build a studio. Having the likes of Roni Size, Portishead and Massive Attack passing by the shop only fuelled the desire to up his game in the production suite. This all paid off when his collaboration with dnb producer, Mutt, featured on Mutt’s album ‘Treading Water’ IN 2008, followed up with Mensah’s first solo release, ‘Sahara / Not A Shy Gyal‘, on Lo Dubs in 2009.

With aspirations of never wanting to make the same tune twice or wanting to be typecast into one genre, Mensah looks set to push whatever sound he decides to take forward. Sometimes dubstep, sometimes purple, sometimes rave – the idea is to evolve his sound naturally. And with tunes forthcoming on reputable label, Hench, he is definitely a name to earmark to achieve big things in the future…

Mensah's 45 minute mix exclusive mix


01. J@kes - RHYTHM (Mensah special)
02. Mensah - Sahara
03. Mensah - Dipstep
04. Mensah & Dread MC - Skyunken
05. Mensah - Pulse 80'S
06. Mensah - Warrior
07. Mensah & Eddie K - Steady as she goes
08. Mensah - Rock city
09. Mensah - Real talk
10. Mensah - Pop da crunk
11. Mensah & Eddie K - Gods of Mars
12. Mensah - Insane murder
13. Mensah - Untilted
14. Mensah - Shy Gial
15. Mensah - Untilted riddim track
16. Mensah - Untilted future funk
17. Mensah - Hollywood lovers
18. Mensah - Into the darkness
19. Mensah - Stapleton road
20. Mensah - Computer loving
21. Mensah - Acid dub
22. Joker - Psychedelik runaway (Mensah remix)
23. Mensah & DJ Die - Transco

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-Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van (Mensah remix)
-Mensah - Insane Murder

Mensah is one of Bristol best kept secrets with forthcoming release's comming on H.E.N.C.H (J@KES' label). The following tracks are to be released on H.E.N.C.H late 2009 and early 2010. Also Noah D is doing a rmx of 'Shy Gyal' at the moment!!

'Rock City' (big leads, steppers style drums and guitar's which were played by GINZ)
'Acid Dub' (a rave throwback with a 140bpm twist)
'Pulse 80's' (a homage to Musical Mob's - Pulse X)
'Untitled Future Funk' (a futuristic piece of purple wonk!!)
'Stapleton Road' (a gritty and quite frankly "gully" tune)

He is also working on a 12" with Eddie K ('Steady As She Goes' and 'God Of Mars') possibly for release on H.E.N.C.H and has a 12" coming on M4 records a label that has seen the like of Gemmy, Wedge and Gatekeeper. the tracks are called
'Into The Darkness' and 'Warrior'. All can be heard on the mix that he has provided.

If you are intrested in his works you can buy his "Sahara / Not A Shy Gyal" 12" at Chemical-records.

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