December 17, 2009

Gtronic - Iron Man EP

This is massive, massive, massive tunes here in eP!!!
I heard "Iron man" a long time ago in Volatile's mix, and i was very impressed, and now, just for anniversary of my blog, a have such a big present from Gtronic!!!! I'm really happy! EP Includes remixes from one of my favourites - Hostage, from greattunes makers - Stereoheroes, and newcomer for my ears - Ebokai.

All tracks are worth listening! Remixes not really remixes, in my opinion they are something between remix and edit. Stereoheroes remix is more harder in bass section,
and Hostage adds some samples around the full leinght of the track, something 8bit kind samples - funny stuff!) Ebokai for me is better than others, really powerfullised bass and new synts give for the track second live....and original do not need any comments! Жииир)))

As for Destroyer, this is son of Iron Man, new more harder beat and synts, new tone of the bass... But it is really maked under Gtronic impression from "Iron man", and not bad track he made, but hope it won't be his tradition to use one bass in different tracks like Marlow for example...

Promo version without Ebokai remix

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