November 26, 2009

Mandarinebeats Interview 001: Kromestar

Today i have a little exclusive for you, my readers. Here is a Kromestar interview specially for my blog. Here in interview, he tells us about his impression abou his album, the begging of his career and about some more interesting things. Welcome!

-First of all, how are you and what are you doing now?

Kromestar: "I'm cool! I'm here at F-One's studio smoking and drinking tea you know how we do."

-Can you tell me who is Kromestar? And what does it mean (Kromestar)?

Kromestar: "Kromestar is a Dubstep producer - half human, half machine. I thought this was a music interview not a job interview... lol..."

-How did you start to make your own music? When?

Kromestar: "I have got a mad passion for sound from a young age, then i got hold of fruity loops and it was a wrap. It started from there really. I started making music in 97 producing Hip-Hop."

-Was it successful start or something went wrong?

Kromestar: "It is kicked off in 2004 when i making grime for "Sweetbeetz" under my Ironsoul alias."

-Now you have a great experience in music production. Which works do you consider the best and which the worst?

Kromestar: "I would not say there is the worst. I try my best in everything i do, whether i make Dubstep, Grime or Hip-Hop."

-What can you say about your collaboration with F-One, Hatcha, Cessman, Cotti, Walsh and Virus Syndicate? Was it good experience for you?

Kromestar: "It was a good experience doing a track with Virus Syndicate, because i have never had vocals on my Dubstep tracks but they hurt up the dub. F-one is my family, i work with him every week. I also produced a compilation with Hatcha called "Brothers Grimm", that was an experience still... lol... Walsh's my dawg. That collaboration was live, that's it really!"

-With whom do you want to collaborate in the future?

Kromestar: "Dj Premier, Dr Dre and Pharrell Williams."

-Under what do you working now?

Kromestar: "I am working on a few experimental beats at the moment. Getting in my own zone."

-Have you got your own algorithm for making tracks? Or it differs from time to time? What stuff do you use?

Kromestar: "Yeah it starts different all the time. I just start with a sound that is new to my ears. I use Fruity Loops or Logic 8 Pro at F-ones studio."

-Do you want to try yourself in other styles of music, like Trance or Rock for example?

Kromestar: "I would like to make Trance or Rock. That is like a whole new level and frequencies."

-Your album, what do you feel about it?

Kromestar: "I think it was a good outcome. It had different moods on it."

-What did you feel while making it?

Kromestar: "To be honest, i write that album while i was going through mad domestics with people and family in my life."

-What were you inspirited by?

Kromestar: "My family."

-Have you got some funny stories about releasing or making your album?

Kromestar: "Not really, it was a serious time."

-Is it successful for you or you want something to change?

Kromestar: "Yeah, it was a successful project, i enjoyed making it."

-Do your parents like it?

Kromestar: "I do not live with my parents, but i gave my mum a copy still and she said it was nice... Something to drive to."

-What is your favorite track? (Not from your production)

Kromestar: ""Curzed - Dangerous" - that track does it in a dance. I also like "Breakman feat. Newham Generals - Just know that" - big tune!"

-What does your usual day like? What do you listen while chilling?

Kromestar: "Chilling at my house, burning the herb or going to check F-one in the studio and getting on the grind. When I'm chilling i listen to the Game, Mobb Deep, Raekwon, Gangstarr and N.E.R.D - their sick."

-What is your hobby?

Kromestar: "Smoking Chronic."

-And what do you think about music? Is it your hobby, work, or style of life? How has your attitude to music been changing through life?

Kromestar: "I make music for a living. It's what i do for work and a living. I have learnt to appreciate a lot of different genres and styles of music. For me it's about learning."

-Do you now something about Russia and Russian Dubstep movement?

Kromestar: "I have heard Russia is live, but i ain't touched there yet still."

-Do you want to visit Russia for a party or an excursion?

Kromestar: "I would like to visit Russia, whether i play or just visit. Seems like a cool place."

You can found Kromestar at Myspace, where i will find all contact information.
And also you can buy his album at Junodownload.

Русскую версию смотрим либо на, либо в группе ВКонтакте!

November 24, 2009

Roby Howler Beats

Представляю вашему вниманию молодого человека под псевдонимом Roby Howler, имя которого уже набирает силу за границей, так как в нашей многострадальной России к новым стилям музыки интерес приходит в самый последний момент.

Будучи еще в пеленочном возрасте, Roby Howler (Настоящее имя Вадим Роменский) стал увлекаться музыкой во всех ее проявлениях. Огромную роль в становлении его собственного музыкального стиля сыграл старший брат.

Главным хобби Вадима в возрасте 13 лет было то, что он слушал еженедельные аудиочарты от PeteTong(UK), GRAD(Rus), Kolya(Rus) и Den(Rus), которые записывал на аудиокассеты и в последствии бесконечно переслушивал.

С течением времени Roby Howler стал серьезно задумываться о написании собственной музыки. Впервые он попробовал сделать это в 15 лет, когда начал экспериментировать и изучать программу Fruity Loops. Но окончательно не определившись с концепцией будущих треков, его задумки так и не были воплощены в жизнь

В начале 2009 года, после знакомства с популярным онлайн радио Великобритании BBC Radio 1, резко меняется представления о музыке и о стилях в целом. Тяжелый Woble саунд, монотонный Tech House, африканские минималистические ритмы стали основной идеей и целью для дальнейшего творчества музыканта.

В середине 2009 года, летом, Roby Howler возобновляет попытки написания музыки. В это время он освоил множество программ, но окончательно его выбор пал на Ableton Live, который стал основной платформой для его будущего творчества. 

Начало осени 2009 года было ознаменовано завершением первых двух оригинальных треков: Basemant и Darling, которые прозвучали на RadioFrequency(UK) и был подписан контракт с Английским лейблом "Nu Style Records". Так же Вадим получил поддержку от: Wongo, Tom EQ, Kyle Watson, Jeff Doebleu. Параллельно музыкант получает заказ на изготовление ремикса на американского популярного рэп продюсера Alias от лэйбла "Crux Da House". К его Российским успехам можно отнести соглашение о совместной работе с StereoNoize ( г.Тюмень ) о создании креативного видео ряда с музыкой от Roby Howler. Движущей силой музыканта является массовая популяризация новых стилей музыки в России.

Roby Howler - September Mini Mix


1. High Rankin – The tale of Clarence Baskerville
2. Rusko – Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)
3. Snoop Dogg – Pump Pump (Aniki Bootleg)
4. Roby Howler – Darling
5. Kelevra ft.Whiskey Pete – Jak Muzik
6. Hijack – RVM Bootleg
7. Acid Kidz – Mad Mahoney (Hijack remix)

Contact him:

November 23, 2009


Here is some nice stuff from Mexico guy - Crimen from Leon city. It is a poverfull collaboration of dubstep and techno on "War" track, and acid and techno in "Bass and Diamons" track!! Style of this man is not typical, i like the formation of his track and think you need to listem his music!)))

Недавно получил электронное письмо из Мексики, он забавного парня по имени Джо Орозко (Joe Orozco) под всевдонимом Crimen, музыкак которого мне очень понравилась, этакое смешение дабстепа техно и эйсид хаус музыки. Посторение треков довольно интересно, поэтому я считаю что на этого парня стоит обратить внимание!

Crimen - Bass & Diamonds
Crimen - War

Crimen Soundcloud
Crimen Myspace

November 20, 2009

This is the Fingerman

Here is some Funny stuff for you from my friend Dmitry, from Rybinsk (Russia). He started his experiments in music production and Dj'ing in 2006. At first he only love Progressive House and Electro House. And after this scene he heard gurgling sounds of Fidget, and since then he began to work in this style of music. Listened to such people as Stupid Fresh, Kyle Watson and Tom Eq has even more become interested in this style, most of his music is influenced by Croockers, and also by the town he are living in.

FingerMan - Cookies(Forthcoming on Fragmatic records at January)
FingerMan - This is the FingerMan(Forthcoming on Fragmatic records at January)
FingerMan - The Cook(Forthcoming on DangerBox at December)

As for his style, this is bouncing elecrto-house basses with collaborate with fidgety beats.... So as for me this is very funny music for alcodance))))

You can find FingerMan here:

November 16, 2009

Junglist Movenment Part 2

Takomo - Death in The Stratosphere

This ia an amizing dubstep track with jungle influence! All G:Mt fans will be enjoy it! Name of the track, in my opinion is not good, because for me feelings from track are like life in Stratosphere, but who knows, maybe this Finnish duo really were in stratosphere, and really died there in their dreams, and after this they produced such a beautiful track...!

"Death in The Stratosphere" или на русский - смерть в стратосфере. Это безумно глубокий трек. Для всех фанатов фильма "время по гринвичу", он придётся по вкусу, но лично я не согласен с названием трека, так как я вижу данную музыку отображением жизни в стратосфере, но никак не смертью. Но кто знает, может этот Финский дуэт действительно был в стратосфере, и действительно там погибал в своих великих путешествиях, и после этих приключений они и написали этот трек... Всё Может быть!

Takomo Myspace.

You can order it at Juno or download at Junodownlaod.

November 13, 2009

What time is it? 16 Bit asked!

This is a massive! Masive! Acid Ravestep track from 16bit!!!
Track is from "16BIT - Swine Flu (12")"

You can order it at Juno or at Chemical-Records

16 Bit - What Time is it?

16 Bit Myspace

November 11, 2009 Exclusive 001: Mensah

Visit Bristol and mention the name Mensah, the chances are that someones going to know the man we’re talking about. Having become involved in the Bristol music scene at an early age, there’s no surprise that he epitomizes the great things associated with the city’s music – positive, progressive and different.

Growing up listening to his Mum’s dub and reggae collection, his first taste of UK underground music was when he started going to the under-18 nights called Jungle Book at the tender age of 11, he witnessed the late and great Steve ‘Hyper’ D MCing for Nicky Blackmarket but it was the garage scene that really kindled Mensah’s first love of electronic music when he heard stalwarts such as Wookie and the Heartless Crew's DJ Fonti at the age of 13.

DJing at various nights in Bristol, and getting tired of spinning other people’s tunes, the natural progression for Mensah was to start creating the music that he had such a passion for. Starting a production course at a local Music College, he was taught by none other than Danny Byrd and was classmates with other Bristol producers, Chasing Shadows, Gemmy, Forsaken and Superisk.

Subsequently he landing a job in a Bristol music specialist store and in time he was able to build a studio. Having the likes of Roni Size, Portishead and Massive Attack passing by the shop only fuelled the desire to up his game in the production suite. This all paid off when his collaboration with dnb producer, Mutt, featured on Mutt’s album ‘Treading Water’ IN 2008, followed up with Mensah’s first solo release, ‘Sahara / Not A Shy Gyal‘, on Lo Dubs in 2009.

With aspirations of never wanting to make the same tune twice or wanting to be typecast into one genre, Mensah looks set to push whatever sound he decides to take forward. Sometimes dubstep, sometimes purple, sometimes rave – the idea is to evolve his sound naturally. And with tunes forthcoming on reputable label, Hench, he is definitely a name to earmark to achieve big things in the future…

Mensah's 45 minute mix exclusive mix


01. J@kes - RHYTHM (Mensah special)
02. Mensah - Sahara
03. Mensah - Dipstep
04. Mensah & Dread MC - Skyunken
05. Mensah - Pulse 80'S
06. Mensah - Warrior
07. Mensah & Eddie K - Steady as she goes
08. Mensah - Rock city
09. Mensah - Real talk
10. Mensah - Pop da crunk
11. Mensah & Eddie K - Gods of Mars
12. Mensah - Insane murder
13. Mensah - Untilted
14. Mensah - Shy Gial
15. Mensah - Untilted riddim track
16. Mensah - Untilted future funk
17. Mensah - Hollywood lovers
18. Mensah - Into the darkness
19. Mensah - Stapleton road
20. Mensah - Computer loving
21. Mensah - Acid dub
22. Joker - Psychedelik runaway (Mensah remix)
23. Mensah & DJ Die - Transco

-Mensah space
-Mensah twitter

-Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van (Mensah remix)
-Mensah - Insane Murder

Mensah is one of Bristol best kept secrets with forthcoming release's comming on H.E.N.C.H (J@KES' label). The following tracks are to be released on H.E.N.C.H late 2009 and early 2010. Also Noah D is doing a rmx of 'Shy Gyal' at the moment!!

'Rock City' (big leads, steppers style drums and guitar's which were played by GINZ)
'Acid Dub' (a rave throwback with a 140bpm twist)
'Pulse 80's' (a homage to Musical Mob's - Pulse X)
'Untitled Future Funk' (a futuristic piece of purple wonk!!)
'Stapleton Road' (a gritty and quite frankly "gully" tune)

He is also working on a 12" with Eddie K ('Steady As She Goes' and 'God Of Mars') possibly for release on H.E.N.C.H and has a 12" coming on M4 records a label that has seen the like of Gemmy, Wedge and Gatekeeper. the tracks are called
'Into The Darkness' and 'Warrior'. All can be heard on the mix that he has provided.

If you are intrested in his works you can buy his "Sahara / Not A Shy Gyal" 12" at Chemical-records.

Русскую версию смотрим на!!!

November 07, 2009

The Proxy Interview for Bunch.TV (Русские субтитры)

An exclusive Russian subtitles of interview of shoe banger - The Proxy on Mandarine_Beats!!

Эксклюзивная версия интервью с русскими субтитрами с российским продюсером - The Proxy только на Mandarine_Beats!!


The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die (Proxy Remix)!!!

And here is a newcomer on electronic music scene Russian fellow - The Mould.

November 06, 2009

14.11.09 BAOBINGA (UK) @ KIEVBASS - Ukrainian debut!

Всем привет! 
спешу поделиться хорошей новостью:

гостем очередной KIEVBASS night станет один из наиболее интересных и разносторонних музыкантов, оперирующих в области танцевальной музыки в нынешнее время... от breakbeats и dubstep к fidget и ghetto-tech.

Hello All, i have a good news for you! Next guest on Kievbass night party at Kiev will Baobinga! One of the most interesting and manifold artist, working in dance music at nowadays from Break Beat and Dubstep to Fidget and Ghetto-tech.

BAOBINGA [UK, Bristol]
[Trouble & Bass, Passenger, Soul Jazz, Cyberfunk, Hardcore Beats]

Ukrainian debut @ KIEVBASS night

supported by


One of the latest Baobinga mixes:
Baobinga & Co. – Strickly Dubs Selection May 09


1. The Body Snatchers – Banana Riddim w/ Lil Flip ’Game Over’
2. The Body Snatchers – Gun Runna Riddim w/ Lil Flip ‘Game Over’ & Sirplus ‘Dress Back’
3. Baobinga & Killa Benz – Wine Up
4. Baobinga & Heavy Feet – Some Mo
5. Baobinga & Rubi Dan – Raggipahop
6. Baobinga – Ride It
7. Baobinga & Spyda – Criss Like HD
8. Ursula 1000 – iCome (Baobinga & I.D. RMX)
9. Gella ft Spyda – Twinkle (Baobinga & I.D. RMX)
10. Baobinga & I.D. – Jump Up Get Hype (DJ Manaia’s VIP ‘Knuck If You Buck’ Mash Up)
11. Baobinga – Make It Drop
12. Baobinga & I.D.
13. Skinnz – Ukraine
14. I.D. & Skinnz – The Blues
15. Baobinga & I.D. – Tongue Riddim
16. I.D. – Handbagger (Baobinga RMX)
17. Baobinga & I.D. – The King
18. The Body Snatchers ft Frilla

full info at Lookatme.

Kievbass official website,
Kievbass myspace.

November 04, 2009

The Damn Bell Doors

The Damn Bell Doors - Молодой подающий надежды Fidget House проект из России, который уже ведёт переговоры с лэйблами на издание их треков, так же им требуется молодой человек или девушка, которые хорошо читают рэп да еще и на английском.

The Damn Bell Doors - youngfidget house project which is already talking with labels about releasing their tracks. Also they needed MC for their further projects, feel free to connect with them.

The Damn Bell Doors - Pitch the Bitch [mixed by GAMBEAT]

01. Dj Fixx - Shake It Naughty (Electric Soulside Remix)
02. Young Nutz Feat. MC Freeflow - Getting Hyped (Royal K Remix)
03. CLASSIXX, Villains - I'm On It feat. o8o (AC Slater Remix)
04. JC EDIT - Punks (Kraymer vs WonK remix)
05. Alice And The Serial Numbers - Zombie Barbie (Aniki's Dawn Of The Bass Remix)
06. Mar and Dany Lawer Summer Girll
07. Fake Blood - Mars (Jack Beats Remix)
08. Indo - R U Sleeping (Lee Mortimer Remix)
09. MyNC Project - Something On Your Mind (Switch Remix - Tom EQ Edit)
10. Kid Komas - Girlz What (Prowley Burglars Remix)
11. DOPEFISH - Must Be The Music (4x4 vocal mix)
12. Cicada - One Beat Away (Kelevra Remix)
13. Crookers Ft Izza Kizza - What Up Y'all
14. B Rich - Make Me Dance (TLGB Remix)
15. Aniki, Bling Fingah - Cut The Mix (Hot Mouth & TJR Remix)
16. Zodiac Cartel - Beyond The Dancefloor (Bill Eff Remix)
17. Mat Cant, Scattermish - Hornbo (Sticky K Remix)
18. Mini K - Jack Off Jill
19. The Funk Out - Big Dick (Bill Eff's Big Bass Remix)
20. Black Noise - Jackin My Fresh Feat. Lex One (Original Mix)

Микс от The Damn Bell Doors получился лёгким и не навясчивым, местами однообразным, но явно не надоедающим во время прослушивания, но вот на второй или третий раз думаю уже тяжеловато будет... В качестве бонуса даю вам их трек хоть и не в лучшем качестве (Всё из-за тех же переговоров с лэйблами), но показывающий их стиль работы, который на мой взгляд не так уж и плох.

Mix from The Damn Bell Doors is light and not boring, sometimes monotony, but really not tiresome at the time of listening. But at the second or third time of listening it can be boring... As a bonus i am giving you their track, not in best quality, but it is enough to check their not bad style =_).

-The Damn Bell Doors - Gay Marriage (128 kbps)

You can find them here:

November 01, 2009

Congorock and Crookers - Sbombers

Всегда очень радует когда известные артисты отдают на фриширу какой либо трек, а в нашем случае это непревзойденныйе Crookers и молодой австралийский продюссер Congorock.

Congorock & Crookers - Sbombers  by  Congorock

Трек получился на редкость трещащще\писчащим с baltomore уклоном и такой кислой мелодией посередине. Юхху!!! Фотография совершенно подходит для этого трека! Кстати сделана она моим другом Piece of Coal.

Congorock and Crookers - Sbombers
Crookers space
Congorock space