December 05, 2009

Mandarinebeats Interview 002: Hektagon

Hektagon's tracks were the first I had listen in Dubstep, it was a track "Hektagon - Strange voices" and from his tracks and tracks of Kromestar and Cluekid i opened for myself a beautifull world of Dubstep music! And now, since one year and a half, i have an honor to ask some questions to Hektagon. That is great, i think!)

-Let's start from a simple and very popular question in Russia, How are you? What are you doing now? Tell everything, without limits.

I am doing very well thanks. Right now I am working on a few remixes and on a second album.

-Your album is released, what do you feel? How long have you been working on it? What were the difficulties? What did you worry about most of all, or maybe still worrying? Why did you call it “London”? What is the best\the worst track on this album from your point of view? Does your mother like it?

I think is great that I have managed to write a whole album I feel very proud. I have worked on the album for 6 months solid. The pre-mastering of the album was very draining I have worked 17 hours days at Vin100 studio to make it sound right. I have worried on how will the album be received by the listeners. I called it London because I wanted to reflect what this city makes me feel musically. I love every single track on the album; each one of them has a story to tell. She loves it.

-And now let’s start from the beginning of your career. I know you started to make music in Northen Spain, why did you start with Hip-Hop? And who supported you that time? Maybe any of your relatives?

I just loved Hip-hop, it was so cool back then, and I felt I was always learning and hearing fresh things. All my friends but it was just the beginning.

-How did you progress from hip-hop maker into dubstep?

Well I started to experiment more and more with hip-hop using slowed down sounds and samples which were not heard in hip-hop tunes before, and one day I accidentally heard a track by Nookie called the sound of music on tv and it blew me away. Then I started producing D&B for 6 years and met a lot of other musicians along the way, while studying sound engineering and music tech, that open my mind to other sounds. It feel very natural to produce dubstep, however I make many different styles of music I don’t like to restrict my self.

-Is your music style depends from the place where you live in?

Yes definitely.

-You have not so many your own solo releases, and now album is ready, why? Some people are waiting for years to make their own album. Don’t you think it is "green" or you do not want to waste your time, and an album for you only one step for anything bigger and greater?

Well I have had a few releases already and I have been making music for over 12 years so yeah I think I was ready, I have many other unreleased albums I have made through the years. The label though it will make more sense to have an album out instead of a collection of singles, so people can really appreciate my sound.

-What stuff do you use for your production? Have you got a special algorythm for your production? What can you advise for the begginers in dubstep production? What is the first thing they need to know in they work?

My brain and a few plugins. No I don’t have a special method I just go with the flow and try something different every time I write a song. I will say to beginners in Dubstep production listen to what is out there and what people are producing at the moment and do the complete opposite, the scene will only grow by people trying different things out, not by copying each other.

-Collaboration with what people was the most interesting for you? Whit whom do you wan to collaborate in future?

I haven’t though of that yet, I will say I would like to collaborate with people that have got a completely different approach to music making so I can learn more things.

-What is the ideal party for you? Describe it...

The ideal party for me is the one in which each tune the dj plays sounds very different and interesting. Also the best nights are the ones in which when you leave the venue you can still remember some of the tracks and think to your self that was awesome.

-Do you know something about Russia? Maybe you have heard someone from Russian music producers? Would you like to visit Russia for party or an excursion?

Yes I do but I have never been to Russia. I have heard of producers such as DJ Vadim.
Sure, I would love to visit Russia. Actually one of me and Vin100 tracks called Perpetual got released on an ORB compilation Cd called Tundra and Sunflakes which was released on Russian label called Ketama. I might be coming over to Russia to Dj around Feb-March 2010.

-If you can change something in your life, what would it be?

Hmm, that is a difficult question; I will say I would not change anything since you never know what the future might bring.

Thank you and Good luck! =_)

Hektagon Myspace
You can buy his album at Beatport.

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