October 12, 2009

Dj Sega

Dj Sega is one of my favorites from Mad Decent label... He creates amazing club Hip-Hop and Break Beat tracks and remixes. One of them is remix on "Rob THREEZY - You Bad"... This is amazing, bouncing track, that do not let you to stop over the full length.
There is no a secret, that such kind of tracks is making from loops and samples without generators and drum machines.... But this is another branch of music production and, i think, it is very popular among clubbers and producers. So check it, and say what do you think about it, and of course do not forget to buy a track here if you'll like it, of course, but if not, delete it..)))

Rob THREEZY - You Bad (DJ Sega remix)

Dj Sega space

And this is another remix from Dj Sega!!! Funny and crazy remix on a song from "Family Guy".