June 27, 2009

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June 25, 2009

Solar crisis

Libra Rec... - Solar crisis mix

1. Gorillaz & Spacemonkeyz - SoundchecK(Crooked Dub)
2. Frenesia - Emptiness
3. Mechanical Me - Beachy Head
4. Tarik Alj - Cara
5. Virtual Mode - Actual Physikal Contact
6. Nseven - Lost Weekend
7. Nseven - Glassy Tynth
8. The Foumost - Babby Sitti'n Boogie
9. Miko - Take Time
10. Art of Noise - Paranoimia
11. Trentmoller - Chameleon
12. The Doors - Break on Through (BT Remix)
13. Ramsey Lewis - 123 (Raw Deal Remx)
14. M.I.A. & DIPLO - Sunshowers (DIPLO RMX)
15. Leftfield - African Shox
16. Gorillaz & Spacemonkeyz - Starshine (DUB 09)

And do not forget to visit Libra Rec... space, and Libra Rec... Promo Dj account.

June 23, 2009

Summertime Clothes

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes (Leon Day AKA L.D Remix)

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes (Zomby's Analog Lego Mix)

Official website
Animal Collective space

Buy release here

June 21, 2009

Worn out places

Masterpiece mix from Marina Faib. Дак а что тут по английски то писать...
Маринка меня всегда сильно, сильно радует своими дабстеп треками. А тут целый микс собственного написания. Это заслуживает похвалы, ведь она единственная известная мне девушка в России которая по мимо того чтобы играть, еще и сама пишет дабстеп, а так же сама исполняет вокальные партии. Молодец!!!

Faib Vkontakte
Faib cloud
Faib space
Faib Promodj page

HE was a king

Looking throught the web, i found beautifull album of Felix da Housecat - "He was a king". I like it wery much, but one thing troubles me very much... Album will be realesed only in 25th of August... I think Pirates made a hard work stealing this album, because they share not bad quality rips, they share 320 and flac files. Thats why i decided to suppor Felix with my post...

Here are three, in my opinion, best tracks from the album, taste them, and if you like them, support the artist... And do not forget to visit Felix space

LA ravers

p\s Single Elvi$ is already released and you can exclusevly download it from Beatport

June 20, 2009

Newham Generals' Footsie & D Double E - HEAD GET MANGLED

Very,Very,Very,Very solid break beat with awesome reading... And of course, video is amazing!

June 18, 2009


New russian band, that released their first debut (Free!!) album "Paranormal".
Why free? because they think that this music not fully belongs for themselves. The story is simple, one day somebody brought the doll, and put it near studios door. This doll wasn't a simple doll, it was with the usb card in it. When they put card in the computer, they found video clip on it... Clip included video cuts about doll's live, like they were made by her eyes. After the viewing they starting to make music under dolls clip spell. All are simple =_)
Every of their tracks has its own story... But i'll try to translate only one of them, and it is the story named "Silence", not a masterpiece but this is the first album, for which, every track has it own written and published story.

"He was not a young man, but for a job of a simply driver he had not a bad life. He was a driver of a hiring limousine, and holidays were the standard thing in his life.
Weddings, famous people, parties, presentations and simply fun - all this need big and white car, for which standard turning wasn't such a light thing. That is why this is a limousine - car not for standard everyday life.
But on the other side of this holiday was HE - common driver and good god, car have a glass, which can divide him from his passengers. He hated holidays. Not because he was unhappy or alone or peoples happiness made him angry.
People made him go out of temper. Excessively solemn weddings. Teenagers drinking champagne from bottle and shouting ribaldry to the pedestrians. Idiots, whom are smelling cocaine, and bitches, sucking their dicks on the backseat, under the effect of films about gangsters.
Every day he was observing people stupidness and pathos, whom hire foolish big white car.
He hates his work, which is binding him to serve riff-raff silently, and do not
respond to their actions in any case.
Often, at the peak of somebody's fun, when his clients, cut up quite nasty, he rapturely imagine how he, like in Madonna's clip, breaks this fucking car with his passengers into a pieces.
But car is big, and kill all the passengers isn't a simple thing, but maybe from the bridge....
Imagining, he smiles, and this was his relax from his work. He do not tell anything, anything at all, in case all around think that he have a good place under the sun.
And he understands it, in his age this was good place..."

And here is the track for which this story was dedicated
Kooqla - Silence

Also you can download their album in in 192, in 320, in flac or in wav.
And do not forget to visit official Kooqla website.

June 15, 2009

Diverted - Diverted

VISIONS - DIVERTED from Diverted on Vimeo.

Diverted - great break beat musicians from the UK. They album describes they music from the all the sides, from instrimental\vocal sounds to solid breaks. They are playing live & this is the best thing can be for me (Live break beat show), but do not surprise if you found somewhere Diverted dj set, they do them too). Diverted band is consist of four members, two founders & two newcomers. First are Lee Richardson - Drums and MPC; and Steve Baxter - Bass, Kaoss Pad and Synths & second are: Danielle James on vocals, saxophone and flute; and Tomas Skelton on Vocals, Synth and Kaoss Pad.

Diverted - Diverted

Diverted space

Buy it here

p\s some words about video. This is really amazing video support for so solid track as "Visions". Great vocals & flashlight is making me crazy, all on video like cruel wizzards performance somewhere high in mountains.....

June 13, 2009

Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me!!

Hot electro album from German guy Bastian Herrhost or Fuckk Off. He makes amazing sounds, i'm still full of impression from "Rave is king" & here is "LMHMKMKM" - dancefloor killer single & album! Check it & support the artist by buying release!

Love Me Hate Kiss Me Kill Me!!

Fuckkk Offf space
Buy it here or here
& also check the exclusive remixes here or here

This remixes are crazy! First of all i would like to take your attention on Disco Of Doom remix! It's crazy & worth listening! Next is Polymorphic remix, in my opinion he can do things more better that this remix... and last remix from SCNDL, light minimal track (I do not really expect such kind of track after their "Drama Ep")

Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me (SCNDL remix)
Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me (Polymorphic remix)
Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me (Disco Of Doom remix)

June 05, 2009

Hervé & Fake Blood videos

At first video & audio thriller from Hervé. Noisy bass, dubstep & breakbeat, impertitent vocals from Marina Gasolina & text about exboyfriend..... really thriller!)

And THAT IT IS! Video of clubbing people for Fake Bloods "schlager" MARS!
It'll be my favorite track for years)))

Let it BE! MArS!)

June 01, 2009

ULTRABLACK - Mix for NuUrban

Ultrablack - Nu Urban Exclusive Mix

1.Ultrablack - FreezeVIP
2.Ultrablack - 1X Robots
3.Ultrablack - BadMan Carl
4.Ultrablack - The Terrorizt
5.Ultrablack - RocktoDaRiddim
6.Ultrablack - BreedChalk
7.Ultrablack - Dirty Dirty
8.Ultrablack - Invaders
9.Ultrablack - BiggerThan DP
10.Ultrablack - TwinMob
11.Ultrablack - Booty Booty
12.Ultrablack - DarkDreadVIP
14.Ultrablack - DogBite
15.Ultrablack - RunType
16.Ultrablack - KnockKnock
17.Ultrablack - Ultrablack Gone Wild (UBGW)
18.Ultrablack - Queen of FilthVIP
19.Ultrablack - BayngerVIP
20.Ultrablack - PlayWitIt
21.Ultrablack - Hate on Us
22.Ultrablack - The Guilt
24.Ultrablack - BassBlockVIP
25.Ultrablack - SouthWest Gangstas
26.Ultrablack - Roll Heavy
27.Ultrablack - Funkblack
28.Ultrablack - PinkTonka
29.FunkDerby - DiscoGlow (LooseControl Mix)
30.The Ojays - Money, Money, Money (FunkDerby-licious Mix)
31.Ultrablack - GettinMoney
32.Dire Straits - Money for Nothing (FunkDerby's MashPotatoes)
32.Dire Straits - Money for Nothing (FunkDerby's MashPotatoes)