March 31, 2010

Mensah guestmix for BBC Radio 1extra

This shy guy just blow my mind with his guest mix!!!!
Such a massive tunes! Mix includes purple and aggressive dubstep tunes, some exclusives, and i hope he'll send me a tracklist soon!

Mensah guestmix for BBC Radio 1extra


01.Mensah - Digital Dreamer
02.Gemmy - Back To The Future (tease)
03.Mensah - 1986 Was The Future
04.Mensah vs Jakes - Pulse 80's V.I.P vs Rhythm
05.Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Skandal Remix)
06.DJ Zinc - Killa Sound (Skream Remix)
07.Mensah - Stapleton Road
08.L-Wiz - Tvångströjjan
09.Mensah - Untitled Future Funk
10.Sukh Knight & P Money - Slang Like This
11.Skream - Filth (tease)
12.Badness - Nightmare (Mensah Remix) (feat. Skepta & Lil Nastie)
13.Rude Kid - Electric
14.Subscape - Midnight
15.Nero - Innocence
16.Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Mensah Remix)
17.MC Jakes - Warface 2010
18.Redlight - Robot Chopsticks
19.Mensah - Acid Dub

March 25, 2010

Mandarinebeats Exclusive 003: Holyboyz + Holy Chance EP

Today on my blog, on more exclusive mix, now it is come to me from very very cold part of Russia, from Sosnovoborsk (Krasnoyarsk region). They are already appeared at my blog later, and since that time they become residents of two labels: Dandy Kid Records (It_tizz Recordings)(UK, USA) и Baboon Tunes (South Africa).

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This post is dedicated to their new EP, that was signed to It_tizz records 15\03\10. Light tech house with some jacking vibes, ducks, horns and little fidgets - classic of a genre. One track from this Ep was added by Kyle Watson to his March\April Top 10 to the 6th place, along with Oliver $, HiJack, French Fries, Tom EQ and Kyle Watson himself.

And here is their mix exclusevly recorded for my blog, for the first time it will be aveilable only for listening on mixcloud, and will be avialable for download soon. Mix is made in a Tech house and Jacking style with exelent mixing, and it is perfect for listening in player. So you will really have fun listening it.


01. Namtrak - Uprising (Carlo Lio Remix)
02. Francesco Rossi - Tango Verano (UMF Main Mix)
03. Brabe - Fassung
04. Holyboyz - Now
05. Roby Howler - World of War
06. Holyboyz - Shanghai
07. Fanta Jack - Soppy Italy
08. Shab Ruffcut - I Don't Know (Holyboyz Remix)
09. Daniel Carro - In The Morning
10. Aniki - Suck My Disko (Nom De Strip Remix)
11. Campbell - Bad Man
12. Danny T - Vaca Compana (Kyle Watson Remix)
13. Holyboyz - Euro Tour
14. Jaimie Fanatic & Dj Rockid - The Whip (Jeff Doubleu Remix)
15. Geoff K - Toe Jam
16. Cracker Jack - Into You
17. Campbell - The Jack Sprat
18. Jo Kira - Bras


Contact with them:
-For booking
-For remix work

Release can be bought here!!!

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March 19, 2010

Mandarine_Beats Blog Chart

Here is my chart which contains my favorite tracks in Dubstep, Grime, Fidget, Purple, Techno with some beautiful fragile tracks but mostly in Dubstep.

01. POLYMORPHIC - Rock On (Marseille remix)
02. BARE NOIZE - Plant Food
03. BROKEN NOTE - Meltdown
05. DEVIANT - She's Not Not Vain (Glorious)
06. UPROOT - Amusa
07. MILANESE vs VIRUS SYNDICATE - Dead man Walking Vip
08. Herrmutt LOBBY - Lessevicesavielsalm
09. The BODY SNATCHERS feat SPORTY O/YOLANDA - Call Me (Lee Mortimer''s Troll Under The Bridge mix)
10. MENSAH - Not A Shy Gyal
11. Black Magick Society - Y'Golonac The Defiler
12. Disrepute At The Hands Of My Idol - Rage Delayed
13. RONY & SUZY - Rouge
14. FOREIGN BEGGARS - Get A Bit More (Skism remix)
15. NUMBERNIN6 - Ribs
16. FAKE BLOOD - Mars
17. ELEMENTAL - Arise
18. TAKOMO - Death In The Stratosphere
19. June MILLER - Neurosis
20. FLOBOTS - Handlebars

March 15, 2010


The penultimate release in Domestic's Planet series sees yet another selection of incredible new music, each representing the artists planet of choice. Some, like Hektagon, Mike Lennon and Onken have already established themselves as producers to be reckoned with in their fields, the others are less established but by no means lesser contributors. Previous 'Planets' have been taken on by Atki2, Hindzy D and label owner Rubik. The Gas Giants EP once again sees Domestic's wide ranging choice of styles fully represented, with everything from ambient to dubstep, shoe-gaze to breakcore jostling for space.


1. Being – Jupiter
2. Hektagon – Saturn
3. Mike Lennon – Jupiter
4. Mink Freud – Uranus
5. Onken – Uranus
6. Pete Rypstra – Neptune

And bonus: Rubik - Untitled track

Domestic would be the vehicle for a new interpretation, one which best represents the 'truth' of today. Over the coming months Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune will once again be up for a creative analysis, although this time it will be shared by many, not just one.

Estimated orbit of complete Solar System: Unknown.

As well as The Planets, Domestic will be the home of non-astronomical musics by some of the aforementioned artists and others. There will be no set genres and no set rules. Ever.

This forthcoming ep you can buy after 22\03\2010 at all usual web musicshops, but preorder is avialable now on:

March 12, 2010


BMKLTSCH RCRDS has decided to put out a 3 releases from their featured artists all at once. These artists are Nobody Beats The Drum, C-mon & Kypski and Boemklatsch. You may know some of the artists from their live gigs thru-out Europe or from great videoclips or tracks on the web. There is also a slim change that you don't. So, here's a small introduction to these artists and their releases.

C-mon & Kypski are the eclectic visionaries that are hard to classify. Mixing Turntablisme with electronica and live instruments they've produced 4 albums already. The band really stands out when it comes to live shows. Creative visuals, exciting climaxes and funny breaks took them all over the globe (US, Europe, South Africa etc). The 'Turn Of The Tides' EP on BMKLTSCH RCRDS has 2 tracks of their previous album 'We Are Square' paired up with 3 remixes from Estaw, Edu K and Boemklatsch. Check their wicked video's and liveshows here and their site here.

Download "Turn Of The Tides EP" Promo!

Nobody Beats The Drum is the electrical mayhem you get when you put two top producers and a VJ together in a room for too long. Their cutting edge videoclips 'The Drum' (more then 500.000 views) and 'Grindin' (more then 160.000 views) made them known worldwide. Add an experimental element to fidget, techno, breaks and hiphop and you get the Dirty Monkey EP which is released today. The EP contains 2 originals and 3 remixes from RipTide, Max Morrell and Slagsmalsklubben. Check their videos here and their site here.

Download "Dirty Monkey EP" Promo!

Boemklatsch is probably the fastest upcoming DJ collective in Europe. More then 30 European festivasl got introduced to them last year and they have played alongside big names like Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT, Jackbeats, DatA, High Rankin etc. A new door had opened when they started producing their own tracks. Their first Release was on Lektroluv (Spikkeltjes EP) and their second is the EP called Noisy. This EP has remixes from Schlachthofbronx, Jaimie Fanatic, Baskerville and more.

Download "Noisy EP" Promo!

BMKLTSCH RCRDS\Boemklatsch contacts:
-Official website

Do not forget to support the label!!!

Here are a couple of places where you can buy BMKLTSCH RCRDS's music:

March 05, 2010 Podcast #1 – Znamin

My Bro from Ulyanovsk, begin his own line of podcasts from his

His first guest is Znamin, man from Ulyanovsk too. Dj'nig since 2006 in native town, he, slowly no straitly climbing up on the mountain of success, and now he has his own works on Dubxtent Recordings. Wish to him a good luck!)

More info HERE!

March 04, 2010

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March 03, 2010

Sun in Aquarius - The Doors Tripped Ep

Sun in Aquarius, otherwise known as Jake Rose is the Aural Documentation of his exploration through the weird,wet and wonderful world of his brand of experimental music. thick sonic soundscapes are constructed out of field recorded samples from his surroundings, coupled with acid drenched basslines, glitches at the highest audible frequencies and a emphasis on taking the listener on a deep journey. Jake has a love for collaborating with musicians from all over the world and his tracks are constantly taken to a higher place by the extremely talented musicians he surrounds himself with.

Originally from the Eastern Coast of Victoria, Jake, now resides in Byron Bay using the lush surroundings as a defining tool, in his journey to make a original style of music which can be appreciated from the lounge to the dance floor.

<a href="">Riders on the storm by Sun In Aquarius</a>

Today, is so wet weather here in Sochi... And music of Jake is so needed, it doesn't blow your mind, it doesn't overload your thoughts, it is so fragile, that you scare to make a breathe, in case you can broke it's sunny flow. Vocals and samples from The Doors, give to his Ep another soul, soul of eternity.

- Myspace
- Facebook
- Soundcloud

March 02, 2010

RobyHowler - Basemant EP (NSR 007) + StereoNoize videostream

Today! Here is! New release from Roby Howler, Russian producer from Rostov na Donu. But this is not so important now, more huge stuff is just from Tyumen, from one of the most interesting VJs from our country, StereoNoise aka Pasha Olin, he made a video stream for a Roby Howlers mush-up mixtape, he was working on it for 5 MONTHS!!! I thing this video work is worth watching! And Basemant Ep is worth buying!
So you will find all the links you need to know about release, Stereo Noise and Roby Howler at the bottom of the my post!

Roby Howler & StereoNoize - You from StereoNoize on Vimeo.

1) D.I.M - Is You
2) D.I.M - Airbus Baby
3) Major Lazer - Pon De Floor
4) Will Bailey - Hit The Club
5) Will Bailey - Hit The Club (Mightyfools remix)
6) Calvertron vs Itchyfeet - Dwarf Porn
7) Sawgood - Ctrl Ur Brain (Calvertron's Jedi Mind Trick Mix)
8) HiJack - RVM Bootleg
9) Fake Blood - I Think I Like It
10) French Fries - Predator
11) Sound Of Stereo - Button (BeatauCue Remix)
12) Malente, Jay Robinson - Dwarfs (Sharkslayer Remix)
13) Alias - Top Back (Roby Howler remix)

Roby Howlers contacts:
-Roby Howler on Mandarine_Beats blog

StereoNoizes contacts:

Buy release at: