September 30, 2009

Major Lazer ft. VYBZ Kartel - Pon De Floor (Trillbass Remix)

From the corner to the block, the members of Trill Bass have been putting it down for years. This hard hitting group has one shared life mission: to produce and deliver hard hitting, head banging, chest romping BASS to the masses. Regionally spanning across the U.S and influences spanning from Punk , Metal, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass to Electro and everything in between, Swytch, 2Sense, Claw and DJ Lord have the influence and know-how to drop the big bass and make you shake.

The 4 man team excels in all areas of musical expertise, from numerous DJ Battle wins, touring and making music worldwide with hip hop pioneers Public Enemy, releasing records and cd’s out in multiple genres, seamless mixing and crowd control, to studio skills that are guaranteed to bring people out onto dancefloors. The common thread between the group is a respect and understanding of music origins and desire and know how to shape where it will go next.

A Trill Bass show is like nothing you have ever seen, hype scratching, sick mixing, and an added flair that you don't get with just any “Club DJ” set. Mixing and matching all genres of music to create the perfect setting for a party. Put your cups up and enjoy the show.. Its Time for Trill Bass.

And this four guys are taking part in remix competition on Majorlazers "Pon De Floor",
You can vote for this big tune here, and i hope, they'll win!!!

Major Lazer ft. VYBZ Kartel - Pon De Floor (Trillbass Remix)

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Chromeo - Dj Kicks

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Chromeo is P-Thugg and Dave 1: best friends since their adolescence, virtuoso musicians, walking hip hop encyclopedias, and the only successful Arab/Jew partnership since the dawn of human culture. After spending the three years since the release of their debut album, She’s In Control, jet setting, globetrotting, and embarking on an overall sensual conquest of planet Earth, Chromeo headed back to their Montreal lab to put together album number deux.

The result, Fancy Footwork, is quite simply the most smoothed-out, hook-heavy, unabashed lovers’ funk since…Chromeo’s last album, actually. What makes this footwork so fancy, you ask? Step the fuck off and open your heart to the finest distillation of Minneapolis groove this side of Mazarati. Dave and Pee are back in the ‘07 to heal the fractured soul of dance music. Teenage lovers, 20 something blogpoders, 30 something burn-out ex-raver “graphic designers” and 40 something sistas can all finally party under one roof...and that roof has a name, AND that roof is on fire, and the only ones who can put out that funk-fire also happen to be the guys the roof is named after: CHROMEO.

Chromeo is slick. Chromeo is dripping with reverb. Chromeo is Moog riffs, luxurious harmonies, macho guitar solos and real-deal songcraft. From the dancefloor-ready singles “Fancy Footwork” and “Tenderoni,” to the autobiographical Jew-boy ballad “Momma's Boy,” to the epic sax-laden album closer “100%,” Fancy Footwork rolls you through a sleek, melodic world where all you need to worry about is whether you’ve got your sunglasses on and the right moves to keep up. Remember the debate when Chromeo first came on the scene? The endless back and forth about whether those boys were joking or not? Well, Fancy Footwork will put any vestigial haters to sleep forever. There ain’t nothing “ironical” about this music. It’s Hall & Oates riding on 22’s, busting shots in the air with Quincy Jones driving. That shit ain’t funny.

Dj Kicks album minisite
Chromeo space
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So there you have it: Chromeo, the band reborn...the sex, the beats, the dream, the suits, the gloves, the laughs, the tears, the past and the future. All rolled up into one big blunt, smoked up through Pee’s talkbox tube and exhaled into your brain. Enjoy.

And here's the intetview with Chromeo... Here you'll hear all you need about their compilation and themselfs.

September 26, 2009

Junglist movement

This movement is still living nowadays, but not only in souls of millions of Junglists, but in souls of peoples who loves Dubstep music, or Break Beat...
 Every time i hear Jungle beats loops in tracks, my heart starts beat stronger... 

Today i'll present for you three tracks of not Jungle style, but their producers, i think, are influenced by this style very much.

First in a raw, is track of Elemental, called "Arise". This track is full of deep passion of basses, one important moment is, that on the way of this track you hear sensitive, professionally filtered screams, that do not leave you alone, and make mysterious atmosphere around this track.

Elemental - Arise
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The second track is produced by Ben Venom, called "Flesh Eater" from his "Toxic overload EP". The most powerful dancehall track in today's compilation. I can only say, that this track will ROCKS the ground around your stereo system!!! Hard Jungle beats and noisy basses do not let you to seat quietly.

Ben Venom - Flesh Eater
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Last track today is called "Bless" and produced by Sully from "Tugs and Throw ups Vol.8".

This track is so beautiful. Such kind of music is for end of the party, or for dramatic moment in movie or for beautiful seconds near the river in autumn under red and yellow leaves fall. Deep basses, lyric melody and restless beat....

Sully - Bless
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September 08, 2009

Ticking Clocks / Whisper Of Trees

First Marina Faib release on Ranking records. 'Ticking Clocks' on the A-side is full of passionate Russian emotion and 2-step tempered drama, but the real heart wrencher is saved for 'Whisper Of Trees' on the flip. This track approximates the noise Enya would ellicit while making love to Chicane on top of an Atlantic cliff face is the middle of a thunderstorm, only far more powerful, with a muffled garage tape pack playing in the background.

Dubstep for true romantics.

Faib - Ticking Clocks
Faib - Whisper Of Trees

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She'll be back, with new beautiful and deep music...

September 02, 2009

Jokers of the Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys

"Baggy Bottom Boys" is the long awaited debut video from rising Ottawa DJ/production duo Jokers Of The Scene, and it couldn't have come at a better time! JOTS' recent remixes for the likes of Mika, Acid Girls and Burns have been making waves in forward-thinking DJ sets and blog charts alike. Their original tune "Baggy Bottom Boys" has become a signature anthem - an enormous dance track that's as moody as it is ecstatic. It's a perfect introduction to JOTS, whose sound continues to mutate from straight-up club bangers into a deeper, darker strain of electronic dance music that's completely original and exciting.

The "BBB" video captures all these contrasts and complexities in glorious, stroboscopic black & white, filmed at two particularly wild JOTS shows in Boston and Ottawa by Julian Wadsworth (aka Red Foxxworth) and chopped up with glee by LA-based video vanguard Demonbabies.

Be sure to catch the Jokers on tour around the globe: debuting new tracks, destroying dancefloors, and exploding minds! Check for their newly released "Baggy Bottom Boys" remix EP (featuring mixes by High Contrast, DZ, Rob Threezy and JOTS themselves) as well as other releases and remixes on Fool's Gold, available at iTunes, Beatport, and wherever else fine music is sold.

Jokers of the Scene Space

Jokers of the Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys
Jokers of the Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys (Dz remix)

Buy release here or here.