November 26, 2009

Mandarinebeats Interview 001: Kromestar

Today i have a little exclusive for you, my readers. Here is a Kromestar interview specially for my blog. Here in interview, he tells us about his impression abou his album, the begging of his career and about some more interesting things. Welcome!

-First of all, how are you and what are you doing now?

Kromestar: "I'm cool! I'm here at F-One's studio smoking and drinking tea you know how we do."

-Can you tell me who is Kromestar? And what does it mean (Kromestar)?

Kromestar: "Kromestar is a Dubstep producer - half human, half machine. I thought this was a music interview not a job interview... lol..."

-How did you start to make your own music? When?

Kromestar: "I have got a mad passion for sound from a young age, then i got hold of fruity loops and it was a wrap. It started from there really. I started making music in 97 producing Hip-Hop."

-Was it successful start or something went wrong?

Kromestar: "It is kicked off in 2004 when i making grime for "Sweetbeetz" under my Ironsoul alias."

-Now you have a great experience in music production. Which works do you consider the best and which the worst?

Kromestar: "I would not say there is the worst. I try my best in everything i do, whether i make Dubstep, Grime or Hip-Hop."

-What can you say about your collaboration with F-One, Hatcha, Cessman, Cotti, Walsh and Virus Syndicate? Was it good experience for you?

Kromestar: "It was a good experience doing a track with Virus Syndicate, because i have never had vocals on my Dubstep tracks but they hurt up the dub. F-one is my family, i work with him every week. I also produced a compilation with Hatcha called "Brothers Grimm", that was an experience still... lol... Walsh's my dawg. That collaboration was live, that's it really!"

-With whom do you want to collaborate in the future?

Kromestar: "Dj Premier, Dr Dre and Pharrell Williams."

-Under what do you working now?

Kromestar: "I am working on a few experimental beats at the moment. Getting in my own zone."

-Have you got your own algorithm for making tracks? Or it differs from time to time? What stuff do you use?

Kromestar: "Yeah it starts different all the time. I just start with a sound that is new to my ears. I use Fruity Loops or Logic 8 Pro at F-ones studio."

-Do you want to try yourself in other styles of music, like Trance or Rock for example?

Kromestar: "I would like to make Trance or Rock. That is like a whole new level and frequencies."

-Your album, what do you feel about it?

Kromestar: "I think it was a good outcome. It had different moods on it."

-What did you feel while making it?

Kromestar: "To be honest, i write that album while i was going through mad domestics with people and family in my life."

-What were you inspirited by?

Kromestar: "My family."

-Have you got some funny stories about releasing or making your album?

Kromestar: "Not really, it was a serious time."

-Is it successful for you or you want something to change?

Kromestar: "Yeah, it was a successful project, i enjoyed making it."

-Do your parents like it?

Kromestar: "I do not live with my parents, but i gave my mum a copy still and she said it was nice... Something to drive to."

-What is your favorite track? (Not from your production)

Kromestar: ""Curzed - Dangerous" - that track does it in a dance. I also like "Breakman feat. Newham Generals - Just know that" - big tune!"

-What does your usual day like? What do you listen while chilling?

Kromestar: "Chilling at my house, burning the herb or going to check F-one in the studio and getting on the grind. When I'm chilling i listen to the Game, Mobb Deep, Raekwon, Gangstarr and N.E.R.D - their sick."

-What is your hobby?

Kromestar: "Smoking Chronic."

-And what do you think about music? Is it your hobby, work, or style of life? How has your attitude to music been changing through life?

Kromestar: "I make music for a living. It's what i do for work and a living. I have learnt to appreciate a lot of different genres and styles of music. For me it's about learning."

-Do you now something about Russia and Russian Dubstep movement?

Kromestar: "I have heard Russia is live, but i ain't touched there yet still."

-Do you want to visit Russia for a party or an excursion?

Kromestar: "I would like to visit Russia, whether i play or just visit. Seems like a cool place."

You can found Kromestar at Myspace, where i will find all contact information.
And also you can buy his album at Junodownload.

Русскую версию смотрим либо на, либо в группе ВКонтакте!