March 02, 2010

RobyHowler - Basemant EP (NSR 007) + StereoNoize videostream

Today! Here is! New release from Roby Howler, Russian producer from Rostov na Donu. But this is not so important now, more huge stuff is just from Tyumen, from one of the most interesting VJs from our country, StereoNoise aka Pasha Olin, he made a video stream for a Roby Howlers mush-up mixtape, he was working on it for 5 MONTHS!!! I thing this video work is worth watching! And Basemant Ep is worth buying!
So you will find all the links you need to know about release, Stereo Noise and Roby Howler at the bottom of the my post!

Roby Howler & StereoNoize - You from StereoNoize on Vimeo.

1) D.I.M - Is You
2) D.I.M - Airbus Baby
3) Major Lazer - Pon De Floor
4) Will Bailey - Hit The Club
5) Will Bailey - Hit The Club (Mightyfools remix)
6) Calvertron vs Itchyfeet - Dwarf Porn
7) Sawgood - Ctrl Ur Brain (Calvertron's Jedi Mind Trick Mix)
8) HiJack - RVM Bootleg
9) Fake Blood - I Think I Like It
10) French Fries - Predator
11) Sound Of Stereo - Button (BeatauCue Remix)
12) Malente, Jay Robinson - Dwarfs (Sharkslayer Remix)
13) Alias - Top Back (Roby Howler remix)

Roby Howlers contacts:
-Roby Howler on Mandarine_Beats blog

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