March 15, 2010


The penultimate release in Domestic's Planet series sees yet another selection of incredible new music, each representing the artists planet of choice. Some, like Hektagon, Mike Lennon and Onken have already established themselves as producers to be reckoned with in their fields, the others are less established but by no means lesser contributors. Previous 'Planets' have been taken on by Atki2, Hindzy D and label owner Rubik. The Gas Giants EP once again sees Domestic's wide ranging choice of styles fully represented, with everything from ambient to dubstep, shoe-gaze to breakcore jostling for space.


1. Being – Jupiter
2. Hektagon – Saturn
3. Mike Lennon – Jupiter
4. Mink Freud – Uranus
5. Onken – Uranus
6. Pete Rypstra – Neptune

And bonus: Rubik - Untitled track

Domestic would be the vehicle for a new interpretation, one which best represents the 'truth' of today. Over the coming months Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune will once again be up for a creative analysis, although this time it will be shared by many, not just one.

Estimated orbit of complete Solar System: Unknown.

As well as The Planets, Domestic will be the home of non-astronomical musics by some of the aforementioned artists and others. There will be no set genres and no set rules. Ever.

This forthcoming ep you can buy after 22\03\2010 at all usual web musicshops, but preorder is avialable now on: