March 03, 2010

Sun in Aquarius - The Doors Tripped Ep

Sun in Aquarius, otherwise known as Jake Rose is the Aural Documentation of his exploration through the weird,wet and wonderful world of his brand of experimental music. thick sonic soundscapes are constructed out of field recorded samples from his surroundings, coupled with acid drenched basslines, glitches at the highest audible frequencies and a emphasis on taking the listener on a deep journey. Jake has a love for collaborating with musicians from all over the world and his tracks are constantly taken to a higher place by the extremely talented musicians he surrounds himself with.

Originally from the Eastern Coast of Victoria, Jake, now resides in Byron Bay using the lush surroundings as a defining tool, in his journey to make a original style of music which can be appreciated from the lounge to the dance floor.

<a href="">Riders on the storm by Sun In Aquarius</a>

Today, is so wet weather here in Sochi... And music of Jake is so needed, it doesn't blow your mind, it doesn't overload your thoughts, it is so fragile, that you scare to make a breathe, in case you can broke it's sunny flow. Vocals and samples from The Doors, give to his Ep another soul, soul of eternity.

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