June 02, 2010

Deviant and Naive Ted - Beauty/She's Not Not Vain (Glorious)

Here is one of my favorite vinyls in collection, my friend helped my with this rip, so i can present you this beautiful sound. Oldschool and exclusive stuff here again... I'm so tired from my volunteer work on Vancouver Debreif that I have no words to describe this release and that is why i take the review from another site!) Engoy!)

Plug-ins, VSTs, MIDI-controllers, laptops. All lovely little toys that make modern music-making a whole heap easier and cleaner, but it ain't worth squat unless the person making the music has something important to say in the first place. Thus, it's refreshing to see someone take the bumpier road towards composition these days, not content to let a computer do all the hard work. Enter Deviant/Naive Ted, one of this soil's truest veterans of all things turntable and scratch related, who drops his debut 7'' this November on Dublin's mighty Alphabet Set label. Relying on a stack of obscure prog and jazz records, some battered turntables and a good ol' fashioned warped imagination, Deviant may just have churned out the most interesting leftfield hiphop record this year. And that's not restricted to Ireland. While current trends in the field have producers whacking off to their J-Dilla shrines and then banging out anonymous off-time beats, this release has intense dedication and individual eccentricity slapped all over it. A bit like the old tales told by the wandering blues-man, only strapped with a Vestax deck instead of a trusty ol' six string. There's a definite message being put across, it's just that its delivered through the cut-up samples and words of his heroes from yesterday and beyond. This 200 word-limit review isn't going to do it enough justice, but copping the wax and actually listening to it will. The bridge says it all.

'Look at the stillness..look at the quiet..look at the discipline..look at the BEAUTY.' Review by Doobs from Eightball.ie

A.She's Not Not Vain (Glorious)
B. Beauty

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