May 04, 2010

Mandarinebeats Interview 006: Mensah

Mensah - fast developing, open minded, good sounded, wide spreading and supported by many people artist from Bristol. His first appearance on Dubstep scene is connected with his "Sahara / Not A Shy Gyal" release on Lo Dubs Label in September of 2009. Since this not full year, he is being nominated as "Best new producer" at Dubstepforum\Junodownload awards, sighed on H.E.N.C.H. label, took part in many, was invited to BBC Radio One Extr1 on MistaJam Show as a guest and also he gave a mount of other guestmixes and interviews for different sites, blogs & radio shows. And here is he on Mandarine_Beats again, and on this time he answered on some of my questions according his music. First was his exclusive guestmix, link on which you can see below.

-What's the weather like today in Bristol?

Sun is blazing and the girls look HOT!!!

- You were nominated for "Best new producer" at Dubstepforum\Junodownload awards, what do feel about this?

It was nice to be recognized but this is not why i make music. There was alot of talent in the category so i guess i felt blessed to be included.

-One of your tracks is called "Stapleton Road" and I know it's the most dangerous street in Bristol. Why did you call it so? Maybe something connects you to this street?

Hahaha, It's not as bad as the press portrayed it to be but it's significance is that it's the main road in my area. As a kid thats where we hung out alot of the time and i felt that the tune reminded me of those times. It doe's have it's dark sides to it but it is one of those places that truly feel like home.

-You will play in Moscow 29|05|10, what do you expect from your visit to Russia? Do you know your Saint-Petersburg date? Maybe you'll perform somewhere else in Russia?

Yeah i can't wait for Moscow...unfortunately my visa starts on the 29th so i can't do the St Petersburg gig :-( But next time it will hopefully be a longer stay with more dates.

-What about your future releases? What, when and where will it be released?

I have a tune called 'Pulse 80's' which is out now as part of the H.E.N.C.H. mixtape project and my EP 'Untitled Future Funk' will be out on H.E.N.C.H. 3rd May 2010 so look out for that one. And 2 more 12" on HENCH before the end of the year.

- I've never heard remixes made by you. Why don’t you make it? What do you think about remixes on your tracks?

I have remixes that i have done coming out now. One is a tune called 'Nightmare' by Badness ft Skepta and Lil Nasty which will be out on No Hats No Hoods on the 12th April 2010. The other is a remix of Baby D's 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' which has no release date so keep your eyes peeled. (Both of them you can listen in his guestmix at MistaJam show: MB add) There are a few more I have done that will be coming out this year as well. As far as my tracks being remixed I am in the process of picking artists that i would like to let remix my music.

- What style of music do you concern yourself to mostly?
And how did you come to this style? Was it a long way or just on the spot decision?

I don't think I have one's varied because I like to keep things fresh and it depends on what mood I'm in at the time. I like melody and so i try to incorporate that into my music.

- How do you see future development of dubstep\fusion\grime\garage music scene? And what do you think about so massive interest to dubstep? Does it hurt the movement or develop?

I don't know really to be honest. I think that the music will go in different kind of has already. As long as people keep doing new things it will stay strong.

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