May 02, 2009

Clouds under us...

"Clouds is a Finnish electronic music production team that consists of
Tommi Liikka and Samuli Tanner. Tommi is a Helsinki native and Samuli
comes from a small village deep in rural Finland. The pair met through
mutual friends in 1999, and ever since planned on working on some music
together, hindered by both working on various projects and shows of
their own. The plan was finally realised after a string of coincidences
and happy accidents led them to sharing a house in the northern suburbs
of Helsinki."

My acquaintance with Clouds starts from they "Protecting hands" release on "Deep Mehdi" label. Part 1 is instrumental dubstep track, & part 2 is dubstep with folk vocal from canadian singer Tiiu. Such kind of dubstep music i would like to recommend for all people who love "Intresting music"

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Clouds - Protecting Hands Part 1
Clouds - Protecting Hands Part 2 (featuring Tiiu)

They mix @ Mary Anne Hobbs Radio 1 is so deep...
Amazing sounds, it's first "one artist mix" that i enjoy. It's no boring & so
beautifull... I'm highly recommend you to listen it!

Clouds Mix @ Mary Anne Hobbs Radio 1’s Experimental Show 22/10/08(Radio cut)


Clouds – Intro (Peek-A-Boo)
Clouds – Four Hands
Clouds – You Got To My Head
Clouds – Era Of Blackholes Part 2
Ponytail – Atlantis
Ponytail – Good Old Wasted Time
Clouds – Era Of Blackholes Part 1
Clouds – Protecting Hands Part 2 (Isan Remix)

Cloud's space
Cloud's cloud

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