May 13, 2009

Bassfudge Powerscones

Review from

"Herrmutt Lobby, the mysterious artists collective from Brussels, debuts for Eat Concrete with "Bassfudge Powerscones", a super fresh EP that contains their most 'danceable tracks to date.

This massive five tracker combines the best of all worlds electronic, fusing glitch inspired electro with ultra-fat, bass heavy funk and industrial.
After having received widespread recognition for their first releases, being credited for originality, smart production and a twisted sense of humor, the Herrmutt's come up with a release that is pure dj food. "Bassfudge" truly lives up to it's name and brings mid-tempo, future based hiphop in a techno fashion.
This EP, first in a series of releases, features vocals by Non Genetic (Shadow Huntaz) and is packaged in breathtaking artwork by Elzo."

From MB:
This's amazing! Track with invocation like title "Lesseviceavielsalm" is one of the biggest tunes i ever heard!! I can't understand how people produce such kind of music, maybe they are wicked magicians!?"

Fat Manual
Rock The Bell
Shadow Huntaz featuring Non Genetic (Vampire Remix)

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