November 10, 2010 Exclusive: 004 Valta Heavy Bass Mix Vol. 1

4th Exclusive material came in my hands. This time, Valta made a set for you, my readers. This is a compilation of progressive movements in Modern Electronic Dance Bass Music: Wonky, Booty Bass, Electro, Heavy Bass, Niche, UK Garage, Dubstep & Breakstep

He is one of the most outstanding cultural activists on our post soviet and east Europe space. Together with his friend Minikin he runs Kievbass Nights in Kiev, weekly "Kievbass radio show" on International Bass Radio and on called "One Selekta". DJ and promoter of 10 years experience. Producer hitting with his production from small underground labels to majors like Ministry Of Sound.

01. Sueme - Little Fluffy Dice [Dot Com]
02. Baobinga - State Of Ghetto Jackin (TRG rmx) [Trouble & Bass]
03. Roxy vs. El-B - Bad [Chost]
04. Piddy Py - Giggle Riddim [Dress2Sweat]
05. Barbarix - Bass Rocker [Aquatic Lab]
06. Cursor Miner - Hair Of The Dog [Lo]
07. High Rankin - Sitting In The Wet [Sub Slayers]
08. Blackmass Plastics - Pandemic [Rag & Bone]
09. High Rankin feat. Gyto - Bubble & Squeak [Cheeper Thrills]
10. Monkey - Jacket [Rudeez]
11. Hawerchuk - Camel Toe [Planet Mu]
12. Noodles (Groove Chronicles) - Black Puppet [DPR]
13. Mr Virgo feat. Jstar - Hipnotiq 2 [Strickly Bangorz]
14. Valta & Minikin - Bad Sex [CDr]
15. Kanji Kinetic - The Buffalo [Coin Operated]
16. Moves!!! - All Skate [Dress2Sweat]
17. Stagga - Face Gets Splat [Rag & Bone]
18. Schema - Street Scum [Wicky Lindows]
19. Distance - Twilight [Chestplate]
20. Valta & Minikin - Keep Moving [CDr]
21. ID - Flay [Cool & Deadly]
22. Horizons Of Darckness - Impure Thoughts [Urban Graffiti]

By the way, this mix was recorded live from vinyl, like every djset that Valta did, do and will do. Valta belongs for such a rare class of Djs who playing only from vinyl. And this is the first set from Heavy Bass Series destined to different blogs around the web, and I'm happy that first one is for!

Download Valta Heavy Bass Mix Vol. 1 here.

-Kievbass official