July 20, 2010

Jazzsteppa - Investment Decision Ep

Following the success of the mighty ‘Big Swing Sound’ for Studio Rockers, we are proud to announce the return of the inimitable sounds of Jazzsteppa to the label with the fantastic ‘Investment Decision’.

Born out of a meeting of minds at a Berlin Jazz festival in 2006, the unique Jazzsteppa collective effortlessly and genuinely collide the worlds of live and electronic music, combining the experimentalism and soul of Jazz with the programming and dancefloor aesthetic of dubstep, and in the process inject a breath of fresh air and a new perspective to both. Releases on the revered Hot Flush imprint and their own JazZstePpa label, amongst others, have seen them hone their sound to a fine art, bursting with energy, musicality and low-end weight.

Lead track ‘Investment Decision’ is an explosive call to arms. It enters on a backbone of claps, with hi-hats and melodies rising up through them, building anticipation before stopping dead. A vocal sample and injection of mid-range bass signal the drop, giving way to a hefty half-step beat and thick swathes of schizophrenic lfo’d bass. Swept along by the skittering hi-hat undercurrent, the bass jumps violently as the horns then blast in, filling the track with a bombastic energy.

On the flip, Jazzsteppa take a smoother approach on ‘Sweet Tooth’. Riding in on a fuzzy lead line punctuated by blasts of horns, it drops into an undulating bassline caressed by soulful vocals . As the track progresses, synth lines judder in and out of the mix and flourishes of brass float around the atmosphere, sweeping through the fuzzy core of the track with ease. It also comes with the instrumental of ‘Sweet Tooth’ so that the instrumental can take centre stage.
‘Perspective’ provides an interlude to round things off with a short, sharp blast of squealing horns and a barrage of live drums.‘

Download release at:

-Jazzsteppa myspace
-Jazzsteppa official website
-Studio Rockers Myspace

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