April 10, 2010

The MOULD - Mad Soldier Take A Rifle EP + The Mould's Beatport Top 10

Hell yeah!!! Here it is! One of my most waiting releases. The Mould is one of the headliners of our Russia Techno music scene! And, i hope, in the nearest future he become worldwide leader on scene! With the support of The Proxy and Volatile his rocksmahing music wil be spread around the world and how Proxy sais "Nobody can stop Mako invasion"

1. "Mad Soldier Take A Rifle"
2. "The Metro"
3. "Ghetto"
4. "Ghetto (Volatile remix)"

And traditional speech from Zhenya:
__ "THE MOULD is a promising young artist from Mako Records releasing his first EP « Soldier Take a Rifle »
When receiving his demo we had no idea he was russian as we were writting to each other in english ! Quiet a surprise when we realised he was leaving not so far from Moscow !!!!
__Since then, the MOULD became a part of our russian crew, a soldier for our worldwilde musical invasion!
The kid was quiet aware on what he wants to do with music : make it sound loud and heavy ! He s better than anyone representing perfectly that we like in electronic music !
__When listening, we imagine chaotic crowds on the dancefloor dancing in the dark , ready to fight for party ! Music of invasion just as we like it ! You can’t be indifferent : THE MOULD brings out an amazing combination of experimentation on electronic squeaks, mechanical beats, deep bass and vocals.
__Thank you for your time and consideration,
Zhenya aka PROXY"

And here is his Beatport Top 10 chart

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And as for bonus:

The Mould - South Ghetto