April 05, 2010

Easter Gift from Skream

And here is one more Easter Gift, now it is from Skream and it is called "Clap your Hands". Raving Techno track wich, how Oliver said it wasn't sighed to a label, so he shared it for free, enjoy it.

Clap Your Hands by SKREAMIZM

As for bonus, because i think, that his "Clap your hand" isn't worth to be posted alone, here is his poetic remix on Chromeo!!! So deep and fragile, such kind of tracks need to be listened with your boyfriend or girlfriend, to share together Chromeo's vocals and dance in a rhythm. As Skream noticed by himself "my favourite remix made the last year".

Chromeo-NightByNight-Skreams SexStepRemix by SKREAMIZM

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