September 26, 2009

Junglist movement

This movement is still living nowadays, but not only in souls of millions of Junglists, but in souls of peoples who loves Dubstep music, or Break Beat...
 Every time i hear Jungle beats loops in tracks, my heart starts beat stronger... 

Today i'll present for you three tracks of not Jungle style, but their producers, i think, are influenced by this style very much.

First in a raw, is track of Elemental, called "Arise". This track is full of deep passion of basses, one important moment is, that on the way of this track you hear sensitive, professionally filtered screams, that do not leave you alone, and make mysterious atmosphere around this track.

Elemental - Arise
Buy release at Chemical-Records or at Boomkat.
Elemental Space.

The second track is produced by Ben Venom, called "Flesh Eater" from his "Toxic overload EP". The most powerful dancehall track in today's compilation. I can only say, that this track will ROCKS the ground around your stereo system!!! Hard Jungle beats and noisy basses do not let you to seat quietly.

Ben Venom - Flesh Eater
Buy release at Junodownload or at Imodownload.
Ben Venom Space.

Last track today is called "Bless" and produced by Sully from "Tugs and Throw ups Vol.8".

This track is so beautiful. Such kind of music is for end of the party, or for dramatic moment in movie or for beautiful seconds near the river in autumn under red and yellow leaves fall. Deep basses, lyric melody and restless beat....

Sully - Bless
Buy release at Chemical-Records or at Boomkat.
Sully Space.