June 15, 2009

Diverted - Diverted

VISIONS - DIVERTED from Diverted on Vimeo.

Diverted - great break beat musicians from the UK. They album describes they music from the all the sides, from instrimental\vocal sounds to solid breaks. They are playing live & this is the best thing can be for me (Live break beat show), but do not surprise if you found somewhere Diverted dj set, they do them too). Diverted band is consist of four members, two founders & two newcomers. First are Lee Richardson - Drums and MPC; and Steve Baxter - Bass, Kaoss Pad and Synths & second are: Danielle James on vocals, saxophone and flute; and Tomas Skelton on Vocals, Synth and Kaoss Pad.

Diverted - Diverted

Diverted space

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p\s some words about video. This is really amazing video support for so solid track as "Visions". Great vocals & flashlight is making me crazy, all on video like cruel wizzards performance somewhere high in mountains.....