April 06, 2009

Deep me please...

Deep me by Libra Rec...


01. Pete Gust - Nightlife
02. Markos - Exertion
03. Jesse Rose - Never Ending
04. DJ Roland Clark - Thinkin Bout You (Sa Mix)
05. Markos - Free Society
06. Andrew Klark - Aubergin
07. Pasha Krid Sergey Lapshev - Chikow
08. The Timewriter - Play My Soul (Original Mix)
09. Budai And Vic - Dont Come Back (Original Mix)
10. Terry Lee Brown Jr - Fix Me Up (Terrys Dub Mix)


I'm so tired from "bam bam bam" of Fidget & hard basses of dubstep...

So, i post here beautifful deep mix. It's like haeven for my mind...

Check Libra here